Hello God…

Hello God, how are you and how are things up there.

I thought I’d call you on the phone this time to say my prayer.

I sure hope I got through to you and you’re listening to me today.

And have a lot I want to say.

First I want to thank you for all the things I have.

Like my Brother and my Sister and my perfect Mom and Dad.

They show me that they love me no matter what I do.

They are all so nice to me – they must have come from you.

And thanks for my new puppy – I haven’t named him yet.

I want it to be the best name a puppy ever did get.

Maybe you could help me pick the perfect name, and then –

I will teach him how to fetch and I’ll throw a ball for him.

So tell me, how is Grandpa? Does he ever mention me?

I sure miss the happy times I spent sitting on his knee.

Does he still have trouble walking? Does he have to use his cane?

You know he has arthur-itis and he feels a lot of pain.

And how about my Grandma? Is she feeling any better?

I hope it’s warm in heaven – She doesn’t like cold weather.

Has she cooked you any biscuits? If she has, I’m sure you love em.

Be sure you try them while they’re hot, they’re best right out of the oven.

I guess I’d better go now – I know you have lot’s to do.

But before I go I’d like to say, Dear God, I sure love you.

By R.R.L. March 4, 2001

Originally published on DrKelley.info, March 7, 2001. (Ed. 11.21.10)

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