Kelley: Cancer Wisdom

~ Forewords ~
As I continue to pour over the archives of the papers of Dr. William Donald Kelley, I keep finding these little gems of wisdom – from HIStory. Enjoy and become enlightened. (J.B.)

kelley_clr_webAs I sit here today writing this message to you, looking back forty-one years ago where this part of the story began, I must admit having terminal pancreatic cancer has been a blessing to me and thousands who have crossed my path on their way to vibrant health.

Today I received a letter in the mail from Dr. Ray Lindquest dated January 3, 2003 which said in part.

Dear Dr. Kelley,

I think of you every day because you taught me how to be healthy. I will be 92 years old January 21 and I feel really good. I practice the violin every day. And I entertain this bunch of Dutch people in this complex which has about 100 apartments. Mine is a studio one big room with a bath.

In the balcony over the reception room is the large Wurlitzer Organ I play to entertain the crowd. I have never played the violin for them as yet… I pray for your long life.

God Bless,

Dr. Ray Lindquest.

Yesterday I received a telephone call from Mr. Greenberg, saying he was glad to find me again and remind me that in 1970 his wife’s uterine cancer was cured on our metabolic program. She passed away seven years after she stopped the program. However, they had several good years together.

I receive such calls and letters almost weekly from many of the individuals who have long term successful cancer recovery.

Yes, having cancer has been a blessing and joy to me as well as many others.

Today I received a call from a doctor from Manila in the Philippians who has a patient with tongue and neck cancer, which is exceedingly difficult to resolve.

In addition, a desperate father of a six year old boy with brain cancer who has exhausted all medical science has offered him, called me.

This is the way each and every day goes. What is going on in our world?

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