Dr. V.: Why Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

oxygen breast cancerMany of my blogs discuss  the importance of oxygen for healing cancer. We have discussed how cancer grows best in an acidic, low-oxygen environment and how cancer is fueled by the fermentation process which can only occur in this kind of situation. We have also discussed the many effective modalities out there that can oxygenate and alkalize the blood, such as eating an alkaline diet and using the power of ozone. The use of 35 % food-grade hydrogen peroxide is yet another powerful way to infuse the body with oxygen for the prevention of and healing of Breast Cancer.

We have all used common household solutions of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect a cut or maybe even as a mouthwash. The kind of hydrogen peroxide that you get at the drugstore, which is typically diluted to about 3.5 % and contains many fillers, can be suitable for this kind of use. If you wish to use it internally, however, you must get a pure food-grade variety that is between 8 to 35 % H2O2 and does not contain fillers.

Food-grade hydrogen peroxide can be a powerful player in the conversion of acidic environments where cancer cells thrive to more oxygen-rich environments where they inevitably weaken. The use of H2O2 for healing disease is known by integrated doctors as a type of “singlet oxygen therapy.” When H2O2 comes in contact with another substance that it has targeted for oxidation, it will release a single oxygen atom. What is left of the original compound is H2O, i.e. simple water. More importantly, once that oxygen atom has been released, it will continue to move throughout the body, targeting diseased cells such as cancer as well as other pathogens like viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites and foreign proteins.

Why Hydrogen Peroxide Is So Powerful Against Pathogens
Before the advent of the “pharmaceutical age,” hydrogen peroxide was used for a variety of disease conditions. In the 1800’s and into the 20th century, it was used against syphilis, whopping cough, cholera, TB, asthma and more. H2O2 is actually released naturally by several functions in the body, especially within the immune system. H2O2 is produced in high amounts in colostrum during the first month of lactation and in T-Cells to destroy pathogens in the blood.

In the gut, the healthy bacteria acidophilus lactobacillus generates H2O2, which helps keep candida albicans at bay. Most importantly, the presence of H2O2 has been linked to the stimulation of natural killer cell production. NK Cells target and attack cancer cells and other abnormal substances in the blood and lymph directly.

 In addition, some experts speculate that cancer cells do not have the ability to break down oxygen atoms released by hydrogen peroxide. This means that H2O2 can work together with the functions of a healthy digestive system, especially the pancreas, to destroy cancer. Proteolytic, or pancreatic, enzymes have the ability to weaken the protein coatings of cancer cells. Once exposed, the immune system recognizes these cells as abnormal. The oxygen released by H2O2 can then go directly into these cells.

How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide
Although targeted therapies that use oxygen against cancer have been around since Dr. Otto Warburg’s milestone discoveries, experts agree that there are potential dangers to consider when using hydrogen peroxide in high doses. According to Webster Kehr, founder of CancerTutor.com and the Independent Cancer Research Foundation:

“While the Hydrogen Peroxide protocol is very famous and is a very good cancer treatment, WE DO NOT CONSIDER hydrogen peroxide to be a major cancer treatment by itself…Hydrogen Peroxide, being an oxidant, cannot be combined with many of the more potent treatments which are anti-oxidants.”

For those wanting to use high-dose Hydrogen Peroxide as part of their targeted cancer protocol, Kehr and other experts recommend working directly with a qualified natural health professional trained in its use.

Hydrogen peroxideH2O2cancerOn the other hand, if you wish to prevent cancer and boost the immune system as part of your Healthy Breast protocol, there are many gentle ways to use it at home that are safe and effective.  For flu or infection, for example, a few drops of regular non-food grade hydrogen peroxide (i.e. the kind you can buy at any pharmacy or grocery store) can be dropped directly into each ear.  And for overall immune-boosting, try adding a cup of 35% food-grade H2O2 to a warm bath.

To gently alkalize the body, you can also take small amounts of  H2O2 internally. Mix 1 PART 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide with 10 PARTS water. Begin with just a few drops in a glass of water and gradually increase to 1 teaspoon in water taken once daily. Be sure to take the mixture on an empty stomach and drink it in one sitting (do not sip); before breakfast or before going to bed are ideal times. H2O2 tends to have a strong aftertaste so you can dilute it with aloe vera juice, stevia or herb tea if you like.

Adding small amounts of food-grade hydrogen peroxide to your regular Healthy Breast routine may be a great way to take advantage of the power of oxygen for boosting the immune system, preventing cancer and energizing your life every day.

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