Care Givers ~ The Heroes of Today

caring-for-the-caregiverThere has been so much posted about Cancer and how to re-post, etc. I would like to offer a thought that I have not seen, and one we often forget. No, it doesn’t make living through or with Cancer better or easier, but it does offer some further thoughts…

Who are the heroes of this world today?
If asked that question, what would you say?
Are they famous people, presidents and kings?
What to my life do these people bring?

Are they actors, singers, athletes or clowns?
Do they really have to be people of renown?
Who are the heroes of this world today?
If asked that question, what would I say?

Would I name someone who is mighty and strong,
About whose exploits, I would go on and on?
Would it be someone who’d done great deeds,
Whom the world applauds for their wonderful feats?

Who are my heroes of this world today?
I’ll try to answer that question this way.
My heroes are those who are mostly unknown.
And yes they have days when they moan and they groan.

But they don’t cut out when the going gets hard.
They dig in their heels and give of their heart.
They are husbands and wives, daughters and sons,
Struggling to do what needs to be done.

“She needs to be fed,” or “He needs to be changed.”
The world they live in, to others, is strange.
They are the caregivers, who travel this road.
The trials they’ve gone through have helped me to grow.

They are the ones who have learned how to cope.
From their experiences, I too can also draw hope.
Who are my heroes of this world today?
They are the caregivers, that’s what I’ll say.

Authors of these beautiful words is unknown. ~ Julianne H.

Posted on Facebook by the Godmother of my son. ~ Ed.

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