Victory Over Cancer…

… without Surgery, Chemotherapy, or Radiation

VICTORY_cvr_webA book with over 50 years of planning for 33,000 patients and developing the scientific paradigm for the proper cure and treatment of cancer – and so much more.

“In our time there will never be a cure for heart disease or for cancer because there’s just too much money in it for the elite. Between the AMA, the hospitals, pharmaceutical and drug manufacturers, the money wheel never stops turning – and those who suffer needlessly are bankrupted.”Dr. William D. Kelley

In this updated and greatly expanded book, Dr. William D. Kelley teaches that, not only is there a recognized cure for cancer – but that cancer is preventable!

In addition, you will learn just WHO William Donald Kelley was. Was he the monster that the medical community, the media and entertainment industries portrayed him to be? Or was he the genius that may finally be recognized for the gifts he gave to the world? You will have to judge for yourself

VICTORY Over Cancer offers…
VICTORY_back_web…new hope, new natural cures for men and women. People all over the world have used alternative methods to cure men’s and women’s ills. Now Dr. Kelley shows you how to ignite your body’s cancer-fighting power using alternative methods to cure the disease. No longer is a diagnosis of a cancer a death sentence. By harnessing the power of alternative and nutritional healing, you can fight diseases and improve the quality of your life. It’s the most exciting medical news of the past sixty years. VICTORY Over Cancer lets you take control of your health – and teaches you how to improve your quality of life without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

You deserve many happier, healthier and fulfilling years ahead. VICTORY Over Cancer will show you how!

This is a reconsideration of Dr. Kelley’s original book, One Answer to Cancer published nearly five-decades ago – and now greatly expanded. Cancer is preventable AND curable and this 200+ page book will show you how to insure that you’ll live a Long, healthy, cancer free life. It’s not about remission – it’s about Victory!

NOTES: We are the publisher for the College of Metabolic Medicine and College Health Stores, LLC. No other versions of this book are sanctioned by the Kelley Estate nor College Health Stores, LLC. We offer ONLY brand new books, unlike other sources who are offering either used copies of older versions (titles) at inflated prices or are printing out-of-date, unauthorized copies of older versions of the book.

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