This Fruit Removes Body Odor Better Than Cancer Causing Deodorant!

Apart from controlling body temperature, sweat also has other important roles up its sleeve, one of which is fighting off infections. Namely, dermicidin, a compound found in sweat, helps destroy harmful bacteria prior to their entering the body. However, regular use of antiperspirants leads to complete blockage of the sweat ducts with toxins such as aluminum, which hinders this natural process.

Hence, the bacteria on your skin start to grow, multiply and enter your bloodstream. We know that this sounds scary, but it really is, so you should definitely avoid the use of any antiperspirants. Additionally, commercial deodorants are no better than antiperspirants. Most of them contain various harmful toxins that may lead to reproductive damage, Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

Therefore, you should immediately stop using deodorants and antiperspirants, and instead start using one natural ingredient which, apart from being completely safe, proves to be far more effective too.

Lime is the fruit that will help you eliminate body odor in a completely safe way. Here’s how to use it:

Lime against Body Odor
Take a ripe lime, wash it and cut in two halves. Rub your armpit with one half gently, and then do the same on the other one.

By waiting for your armpits to dry, you will allow the citric acid to work its magic and also prevent any stains on your clothes.

This will help you ward off any bad body smell for a few hours.

You can use the same lime slices for at least a few more days to give you excellent odor protection.

Why It Is Effective
Perhaps you didn’t know, but your sweat doesn’t smell so bad. Its foul odor is a result of the fungi and bacteria that are still present and thriving on your armpits because the sweat’s dermicidin didn’t eliminate them.

This is where lime juice comes to the rescue. Its potent antibacterial activity helps destroy harmful bacteria and fungi, preventing the appearance of bad odor instead of just masking it like deodorants do.

Watch the video below to find out exactly how lime juice works!

Researched and written for Demic Media.

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