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You would not take your vehicle to a mechanic that could not determine the cause of it not working properly. An important part of being a good mechanic is knowing what causes a particular problem. Without good diagnostics (knowing cause) the mechanic would be just guessing at best what the solution to his mechanical problem might be. I am wary of any mechanic that could not quickly and precisely determine the cause of a certain mechanical problem.

I am wary of any doctor or group of doctors that can not quickly and precisely determine the cause of a physical problem. You can replace a vehicle. It is not possible to replace your human body. Our body is much more valuable than any vehicle. Be most careful of which mechanics (doctors) you allow to work on your body.

If a particular doctor or doctors has no ideal of the cause of your problem, what makes you think they really have a good solution for you? At best they are shooting in the dark without night vision. Maybe they will fix the problem. When it comes to cancer more often than not, they just put a patch over the problem which usually does not last long. The reason current cancer treatments and therapies do not work is because the real cause of cancer is not being addressed.

Let’s take a look at the real cause of all cancers. That cause is found in the next sentence:

Excess toxins trigger cancer cell formation and then fuel cancer cell growth and multiplication.

The cause of cancer is “excess toxins”. Excess toxins trigger the formation of cancer cells. Then excess toxins fuel the growth and multiplication of those newly formed cancer cells. Over time enough cancer cell growth and multiplication occurs so that cancer can be detected. The medical system has significantly improved the detection of smaller and smaller growths of cancer. This is an improvement of cancer diagnosis and certainly helps one to know much earlier that they have a cancer problem. This is beneficial for it gives one more time to effectively deal with their cancer.

Nothing happens within the body without cause. Cancer cells do not form within the body without cause. Every tissue of the human body has cancer trigger genes within the cells that make up those tissues. These gene triggers did not accidentally get placed throughout our bodies. They were designed to be there by a most wonderful and gracious being. I call this being, the “Heavenly Father” or “God”.

The best known mechanism for cancer cell formation is that a master trigger gene is activated which in turn promotes other cancer genes (oncogenes) to form cancer cells. When this happens, BAM!, a cancer cell is formed. The genetic code that allows for this series of events was securely placed into the DNA of the body’s cells by the Creator for a purpose. This placement of well designed oncogenes within the genetic code is not a random event caused by a genetic mutation. It is part of the design to insure life.

The system says either it does not know what causes cancer or a genetic mutation causes the first cancer cells to form which then grow and multiply. This can not be the case because the rate of cancer among all age groups is increasing at an alarming rate. Genetic mutation alone just does not change fast enough to explain such an increase in cancer rates among all age groups. Also, this is not the case simply because the design of the genetic code itself within our cell’s DNA says different.

The system implies that radiation directly causes genetic mutations within normal cells to cause them to become rouge cancer cells. At first look this may seem to be the case. But there is another explanation that fits the total picture of information much better. That is: Those who are exposed to harmful doses of radiation become more toxic due to irreparable damage of healthy tissue. Damaged tissue breaks down forming toxins. If enough tissue is affected a massive amount of toxins are quickly released during that break down and removal process. If the radiation is intense enough, it will also damage the detoxification mechanisms of the body. Increased levels of toxins then activate the oncogenes which in turn initiate cancer cell formation. The same toxins that activated the formation of cancer cells then fuel cancer cell growth and multiplication. This explanation of why harmful radiation causes higher cancer rates is more in line with what is really going on.

What causes the master, cancer, trigger gene to activate? Or another way to say this is “what pulls the cancer trigger?” Excess toxins is what pulls the trigger. There are multiple indicators this is the truth. These are listed below:

Evidences of excess toxins causing cancer cell formation:

1. Surgically removed cancer growths are filled with toxins that have a rather foul odor. The odor is so intense that dogs can actually smell them within a cancer patient’s body.

2. When excess toxins are properly dealth with, cancer growth stops. Then cancer growths shrink and dissolve back into the tissues that formed them.

3. Those who live a toxic lifestyle have much more incidence of cancer.

4. Those who live a detoxifying lifestyle rarely have cancer.

5. The design of the human body, specifically cancer forming genes (oncogenes) throughout the body, gives evidence of a common cancer trigger.

6. The continual failure of the medical system touting false causes of cancer.

7. Excess toxins provides the best explanation of the real purpose of cancer growth.

8. The entire cancer equation which includes all cancer patients makes sense with excess toxins as the cause.

9. Excess toxins cause inflammation which is a cancer indicator.

All living cells within the body are continually giving off wastes from their normal respiration processes. As these wastes are generated, they are easily transferred to the liver by the blood stream where they are broken down so the broken down products can be easily removed from the body. The broken down products are called “metabolites”.

As long as toxins or their metabolites do not accumulate to high concentrations within any tissue, the cancer trigger genes will not be activated. In large concentrations body cell wastes are poisonous to the body and are to be considered to be toxins. But if these natural waste products are quickly broken down and removed from the body there is no problem. The body is well designed to easily handle the normal production of body cell wastes or toxins. The problem with cancer starts when toxins start to accumulate within a particular tissue.

Toxins come from 4 possible sources:

1. Wastes from normal body cell respiration

2. Wastes from damaged tissue

3. External toxins

4. Wastes from micro organisms and parasites within the body

The possible causes of the build-up of excess toxins are:

1. Too much damaged tissue

2. Too many external toxins being introduced into the body which overwhelm the detoxification processes.

3. Too many internal toxins being produced within the body which overwhelm the detoxification processes.

4. Too little detoxification

By focusing on the source and the cause of excess toxins, one can best determine ways of effectively dealing with cancer.

The current medical system’s approach is to aggressively eradicate cancer growth by either surgical removal, radiation, or chemotherapy. This approach defies the design of the human body with its encoded oncogenes. The design of the body is to produce cancer when excess toxins occur, not to kill out the cancer. The answer is not killing the cancer, which by the way is not working. The answer is to address the real cause of why cancer cell formation occurred in the first place.

The current medical cancer approach has failed horribly and miserably with 10s of millions of “patients”. This approach will continue to prove to be a failure.

Just as there is a cause for cancer. There is a purpose for cancer. Cause and purpose are always part of creative design within the body. The next chapter will examine the purpose for cancer.

Clint Young

Submitted to Kettle Moraine, Ltd Publications with permission to reprint. The above is based on the author’s personal experience and his overcoming of this dreaded dis-ease..

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