Ways of Life – Psalm 90:10

There are many ways of life found in the Bible. One of those ways of life is defined in Psalm 90:10. The writer of this Psalm is making the observation at his time that the average age was around 70 years. But if someone had strength, they made it another 10 years (decade).

Psalm 90:10 (KJV): “The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.”

This revealing verse pretty well stands correct even to this day. I have watched folks as they approach 70. If they don’t have good strength in their body, often they either don’t make it to 70 or they go down hill rapidly after the age of 70. As one that is approaching 70, Psalm 90:10 really attracts my attention. I want to add another decade to my age. I think this is quite possible by developing strength. Strength comes about by exercise. That exercise may be by via working, gardening, sports, or individual exercise. Whatever the way, it is best to find the exercise that is best for you and to follow a continual program every day, except the Sabbath, to achieve the strength that is best for your body.

There are many types of exercise. Recently, my chiropractor said that if I had pain walking, that I could walk in water. The water adds buoyancy to the body and less stress on the spine and joints versus walking in the park. This takes pressure off the spinal chord. Fortunately, I am not in that much pain when it comes to my spine. I walk slowly 3 to 4 miles a day, 6 days a week to take as much pressure off my spine as possible. I like to make it 21 miles a week. There are many other exercises besides walking. But I have found this to be a good exercise that my body can tolerate well.

Whatever exercise you are following, it should not be of an intensity or a duration that causes pain. I walk really slow. But I am able to still get in 3 to 4 miles a day. My intensity is really low. Every time I start feeling really good and try to push outside 3 to 4 miles in a slow walk, I usually get reminded by body via pain that is where I need to be at for now. In a little over 4 years I will be 70. I really want to have a good amount of strength in my body when that day comes. My goal is to increase my daily walk to 4 to 5 miles a day in the next few years. This will be a gradual increase that will not put a lot of stress on my body. I am not in any hurry. I have a goal and some time to get there. The main thing is to get there and not get injured along the way trying to get there too quickly. In the final 2 years approaching 70, I hope to go to 5 to 6 miles a day.

Walking 5 to 6 miles a day will provide the strength I need to go another decade. I want that extra decade. So I am going after the Psalm 90:10 Gold Medal For Longevity, that is having strength when you are 70. Of course when I am 70, I hope to continue walking 5 to 6 miles a day for 6 days each week. Also, I will be incorporating other longevity ways of life into my lifestyle so 80 or 90 plus should be no problem.

Folks, if you want life, you need to work towards having it! Life is the most worthwhile thing you can have in this world. Only one other thing out ranks it, that is love. You can have a very long life, or at least decades more, if you are willing to set that as your goal and wisely do what is required to achieve that most worthwhile prize!

Find and embrace the truth and it will set you free.

Clint Young, M.S.
September 14, 2017

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