Politicians are NOT Physicians or Pharmacists!!!

To say I oppose any kind of government operated or mandated health care is an understatement. I have watched for my 77+ years how that has worked out and to say I am not favorably impressed is another understatement.

Most folks know I am a strong (hard core) proponent of Alternative Health Care. If I can’t figure out what my health issue is I will seek the opinion of someone who may be able to diagnose my problem but my recent two *health* issues seemed to STUMP those who are called Doctor. I knew as much when I left their offices as I did when I went in – the only difference was the BILLS that Medicare and myself ended up paying.

We all know how the PILL industry (Big PHARMA) has made sure they are protected from legal action – thanks to the campaign contributions they make to those “I AM FOR SALE FOR THE RIGHT PRICE” politicians. We also are aware of the many side effects those *pills* create in order to make sure the patients continue in a *sick* state needing more and more medications. Shall I say PAIN MEDICATIONS?

Perhaps I come by this thru the family gene pool ~ Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO, MD, DO (August 6, 1828 – December 12, 1917) was the founder of osteopathy and osteopathic medicine… When I learned of this limb of my family tree I bought his autobiography and it was confirmation of what my natural tendencies have been. Learn to understand what your body is telling you and find the NATURAL means to care for it. The problem is most folks are way too lazy to do so. They prefer to have someone else make those decisions and hand them a bottle of PILLS to take care of it – ignoring that those pills may well bring on worse problems. Watch and listen to Brandy Clark’s song – TAKE A LITTLE PILL

If you really want to take control and not let Government control your health (life and death) (Dr. Mengele was government health control). then do a little research on the pH Balance way of eating and drinking and keep track of your own pH level. Since I learned of this and began to live it I have not had even ONE sniffle or any other ‘illness’ as viruses and bacteria cannot live in an alkaline system. Most American’s are very acidic due to their diets and the crap they drink. The perfect breeding ground for sickness and serious illnesses. Self imposed disease petri dishes.

I am not totally opposed to government licensing and setting standards for a business to be in business but I do oppose government deciding who I can consult for health care – what, if any, insurance I should carry – and that government is the one who makes the choice as to which insurance coverage I want to pay for. Absolutely oppose this Nationalized health care. I see it as the modern version of Germany’s Dr. Mengele health plans. Will our New *Immediate Care clinics* look like those holding buildings of WWII managed by the Germans????

My experience with anything that GOVERNMENT runs or mandates is to run away as fast as I can. Government is good at one thing, IMHO…. How to take a good thing and change it to FUBAR.

“Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government
that requires every citizen to prove
they are insured…but not everyone
must prove they are a citizen.”

Do you want to know what set Granny off this time? READ the Following: Democrats’ Newest Plan: Nationalized Health Care

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