Effectively Dealing with Skin Cancer

Cancer starts growing on and in the skin where excess toxins start accumulating. Each cancer cell absorbs destructive toxins. Cancer cells continue to grow in size and number as long as excess toxins are found outside the existing cancer cells.

The purpose of the cancer cells is to isolate harmful excess toxins by engulfing them so those toxins securely remain inside the cancer cells. When these harmful toxins are floating within the cancer cells, they can not directly damage healthy skin tissues. Skin cancer cells will grow in number and size until excess toxins on and in the skin layers are absorbed by the cancer cells.

When no more excess toxins are present outside the cancer cells, cancer will stop growing. If excess toxins are removed from any tissue that is cancerous, the cancer cells will start releasing their absorbed toxins. These released toxins often find their way to the liver where they are processed. As long as the environment around the cancer cells is void of excess toxins, those cells will shrink and eventually disappears.

When one understands why cancer is growing in skin tissue, the solution becomes very simple. That is to remove the excess toxins which are causing the cancer to grow and multiply. Once those toxins are removed, the cancer will quickly dissolve away simply because the body will no longer need cancer growth to deal with destructive toxins in and on the skin.

Since the skin is easily accessible, one can apply a poultice to the areas affected to help remove excess toxins. When using a poultice, it is important that the poultice does not attack the skin with harsh chemicals.

The idea is not to directly attack and kill the cancer cells. This has been the medical approach for many types of cancers using chemotherapy and radiation. That approach has not worked very well. The much better approach is to remove what is causing cancer to grow, that is excess toxins.

Some so called “cancer cure” poultices are attempting to directly kill out the cancer cells. Such formulations can cause damage to the skin and actually make the cancer worse. Before applying any type of poultice it is important to know what is in the poultice.

Second it is important to know that the poultice will not cause any harm to your skin causing rashes, burns, irritations, etc. Some have been harmed applying corrosive poultices to their skin in the attempt to kill out their skin cancer. If you are in doubt about whether a certain poultice will cause skin irritation, it is best to apply the poultice first to a small skin area that is not affected by cancer to see if that skin area is irritated.

By applying a poultice that is designed to absorb toxins from the skin and not cause harm to the skin, one can assist the body in removing the cause of cancer in a localized skin area. Even though skin cancer can be addressed by applying toxin absorbing poultices, it is important to change to a more detoxifying lifestyle that will prevent the skin tissues from becoming over toxic again. Detoxifying, lifestyle changes will also address other cancers that may be growing within the body, yet are not as noticed as skin cancer.

I go into a hot sauna (around 180 degree F) almost every day for 12 to 15 minutes. The time in the sauna causes my skin to sweat a lot. As I sweat, I wipe that sweat off my skin with a clean cotton towel so that the toxins in that sweat are not reabsorbed back in my skin. I follow the sauna with a short cool down period and then a thorough shower to remove any remaining sweat off the skin. This regular procedure helps to insure my skin stays clean and less toxic. After this procedure, I can actually feel how clean my skin is. Most likely I will never have skin cancer.

If I ever develop skin cancer, I know that my lifestyle is too toxic. I will need to make lifetime changes that help my body to better detoxify each day. During this transition, I would look into harmless, toxin absorbing poultices that would help my skin to remove toxins locally on the affected skin areas.

I know these concepts about cancer may be foreign to you. Just realize that the medical approach to cancer has pretty much been a BIG FAILURE for so many. Their approach is to aggressively attack and to get rid of the cancer before it can start growing elsewhere. That approach has not worked very well for a whole lot of folks. That approach has led to the early death and loss of quality of life for multitudes. I offer you an alternative understanding and to dealing with cancer that can be of great benefit to finding what really works in the real world.

Always proceed with caution when it comes to the most valuable thing you own, that is your body. Be most cautious of ever turning your body over to those who have high failure rates for any procedure or “therapy”.

March 5th, 2018

Written by Clint Young and submitted for publication by the author. Mr. Young is a cancer Victor and Survivor and had written extensively on the subject based upon his personal experience.