Miles to go before I sleep…

Our sincerest apologies for our seeming lack of caring… that would be the farthest thing from our intent. Apparently – we just lost track of time.

Sometimes one needs to walk away for awhile and throw one-self into major physical activity – and that is what we have done. Kind of good for the brain – doncha think? And what it does for ones’ physical condition isn’t too bad either.

We have been embroiled in a massive project, which has kept us away from this blog for far too long. We are closing in on the completion of the commitment, but still have a bit more to do – at which time we will return to the airwaves as well.

We’ll be back soon with many new additions to Dr. Kelley’s Victory Over Cancer.

We shall endeavor to have some new postings by the weekend.

I have miles to go before I sleep.

Thank you for your patience.

The Editor