Dr Nicholas Gonzalez: Enzymes, Cancer and Dr. Kelley

A young Dr. Gonzalez with his mentor… Dr. William D. Kelley

The video you are about to watch is over 90 minutes in length, but your time will be more than well spent. I knew of Dr. Gonzalez for some years before I finally was able to speak with him in 2014. The topic of conversation was a combination of legal issues relating to his relationship with Dr. Kelley, but also to ask his permission to use a portion of his book, ‘One Man Alone‘ wherein he described his 1981 introduction to the renown Dentist from Texas, who was having worldwide success with the treatment and curing of cancer. Permission was cheerfully granted to us by Gonzalez and his commentary was included in the 2015 publication of Dr. Kelley’s seminal work on cancer, now titled, Victory Over Cancer: Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation.*

Dr. Gonzalez’s story unto itself is quite interesting to me and I learned things about Kelley that I had not previously been aware of, but just prior to the second hour of the lecture, Gonzalez begins to discuss his mentor in greater depth about than I had ever heard prior to this recording, which was filmed some ten months after Kelley’s death in January of 2005… BUT this presentation is about much more than Dr. William Donald Kelley, a modern day Cancer Pioneer…

Even though Gonzalez spoke in a typical high speed New York manner, it all comes in to play here and is easy to understand, as he delves into the work of John Beard, the Krebs brothers, Marie Curie and what Dr. Kelley became so well noted for – the development of a select group of enzymes, which have proven to be so highly successful – even now – after all of these years since Kelley was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer back in the 1960’s. In addition, pay specific attention to Dr. Gonzalez’s discussion about diet – including the three main Metabolic types in addition to the numerous sub-types. Kelley’s work can be followed more succinctly in his book, Dr. Kelley’s Self Test for the Different Metabolic Types – which unto itself was not actually written or developed for cancer victims – but as a measure to prevent becoming a cancer risk.

The following video/audio transcript was the basis for my Life, Liberty and Your Good Health broadcast of May 9, 2017.

Now, without further adieu – sit back – turn your cell phones off (they cause cancer you know) and absorb the truth, the way and the life saving lessons you will learn over the next hour and forty minutes.

When you have completed watching the video, please consider contacting us by email at victory@drkelley.info OR by phone at 623 – 327 – 1778. Take advantage of the information available to you by ordering the only authorized editions* of Dr. Kelley’s work being offered today. Or you may click on the book titles embedded within this posting and it will guide you to our pages, where ordering instructions are quite clear. If you wish to order The Kelley Package, you will save nearly $15.00 on the set.

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* Previous versions of Dr. Kelley’s cancer-specific book were titled, One Answer to Cancer (with cancer cure), and CANCER: Curing the Incurable without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation. In 2001, the second title was released and was represented as nothing more than a new title, which had a nice color cover with Kelley’s image on it. We however discovered that the publisher/editor had omitted (purposely?) important portions of the protocol, which in fact could have altered a cancer victim’s outcome – to their detriment. In 2013, Kettle Moraine Publications was asked by the Kelley Estate and family to take over the publication of the book, which would include a new title (image above), and a complete restoration of the original wording and intent of Dr. Kelley. Having spent seven years working with Kelley prior to his death I felt up to the task and gladly took on the project. It was in this new edition that we included the words of Dr. Gonzalez, a contribution by Pamela McDougle (considered by Kelley to be his finest student), images which had never been seen by the general public and the written transcripts of a series of interviews and lectures which Dr. Kelley had given over the years. Dr. Gonzalez is now deceased. Pamela McDougle continues to administer the Kelley regime to cancer victims, and is a trainer for new practitioners who wish to carry on with the Kelley tradition throughout the world. ~ J.B.

Warning of Fraud: The two previous titles of the book are currently being sold by numerous booksellers on Amazon at either greatly inflated cost – or more importantly – via illegal reprints not authorized by the Kelley Estate. We are unable to verify the efficacy nor integrity of the written word in those books. Buyer BEWARE!