A Shot in the Dark: July 11, 2018

Editor’s NOTE: We wish to thank long time friends, readers and contributors, Randall and Cynthia Bergener for their contributions to this series today. ~ Ed.

Pandora’s Needle
This cartoon (above) is based on the ancient Greek legend of Pandora. She opened the box (actually it was a large jar) out of innocent curiosity and hope. Instead of hope, evil was released and it had long-lasting effect. That about sums up the current situation with Big Pharma with their endless vaccinations and concoctions designed to make them ever-more money… (Continue to full article)

Medical Doctors Concerned We Are Giving America’s Children Too Many Vaccines Too Soon
Very Very Very good article with input from several medical professionals questioning the health impact on children receiving too many vaccines. Hepatitis B vaccine not necessary according to article. Parents stay informed research vaccines before subjecting baby’s and don’t allow hospitals to vaccinate newborns with Vaccines until they are 4 months old. Manufacturers of vaccines are culprits no regulation on manufacturers. Parents need to stay informed even doctors are blindly following government guidelines… (Continue to full article)

Hepatitis B Vaccine ‘Significantly Increased’ IL-6, A Bio-Marker for Autism’: Mainstream Media Silence
“This is the first study to test the effects of immune activation by vaccination on brain development. All other studies of immune activation have used essentially pathological conditions that mimic infection and induce a strong fever. A criticism I have heard often from vaccine advocates is that the immune activation experiments are not relevant to vaccines because vaccines cause a milder immune activation than injections of poly-IC or lipopolysaccharide (two types of immune system activators). This new study demonstrates that vaccines can affect brain development via immune activation…” (Continue to full article)

HPV Gardasil Vaccine Linked to Decline in Fertility Rates in U.S. Women Aged 25–29
This decline in birth rates corresponds to the introduction of the HPV vaccine in the U.S. In 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (2006) licensed the first of two vaccines to protect women against the human papillomavirus (HPV). Both HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Cevarix) address HPV 16 and 18, two strains of HPV that produce approximately 70% of cervical cancer cases. The vaccine is recommended for females (and since 2011 for males) aged 11–26… (Continue to full article)

Harvard Study Proves Unvaccinated Children Pose No Risk
It is often stated that those who choose not to vaccinate their children for reasons of conscience endanger the rest of the public, and this is the rationale behind most of the legislation to end vaccine exemptions currently being considered by federal and state legislators country-wide. You should be aware that the nature of protection afforded by many modern vaccines – and that includes most of the vaccines recommended by the CDC for children – is not consistent with such a statement… (Continue to full article)

It’s Not New: Pictures Show The Fight Against Vaccines Is Well Over 100 Years Old
The struggle against vaccination, especially compulsory vaccination mandated by a government/industry coalition, was met with fierce resistance from people during the early history of vaccination over a century ago… (Continue to full article)

Another CDC Vaccine Scandal: Data Showing Chickenpox Vaccine Causes More Harm than Good Concealed from Public
“Collusion” is the word du jour, and the practice’s very characteristics—deception, fraud, misrepresentation and secrecy—often prevent collusive acts from coming to light. In the scientific research community, would-be deceivers draw on a variety of tricks to slant their message, including manipulating data, employing other questionable research practices, not disclosing conflicts of interest, harassing whistleblowers and engaging in outright censorship… (Continue to full article)

Health Expert & Vaccine Proponent: Flu Shots ‘Do Little’ To Protect Against Virus
A public health expert is warning that this year’s ineffective flu shot could be even more of a risk to health than previously thought, and for entirely different reasons than we might suspect. Since the flu vaccination will “do little” to prevent the virus, the expert is warning that masks should be worn instead as a more effective way to prevent the spread of the disease… (Continue to full article)

Japan Leading the World in Exposing Fraud with Gardasil HPV Vaccine Injuries and Deaths
Such public debates do not take place where vaccine stakeholders are in full control of vaccine safety information. (Like in the U.S., for example.)… (Continue to full article)

Advance Vaccine Directive: “I Do NOT Consent
The Advance Vaccine Directive is a valid Advance Health Directive or Living Will binding on the medical community under the law of Informed Consent. The Wallet Card our legal team developed is based on the latest US Supreme Court “I Do Not Consent” case, Missouri vs McNeely (2013). It covers circumstances in which you may find yourself facing not-consented vaccination, such as being brought into an ER and being subjected to immediate vaccination.” ~ Ralph Fucetola JD… (Continue to YOUR Freedom…)

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