Need A Break, 8 Warning Signs That You Are Emotionally And Mentally Exhausted

NOTE: Of these past few months, I fully understand the meaning of the following. ~ Ed.

Sometimes life starts to spin out of control and it’s tough for us to keep up. Things that once seemed insignificant are suddenly annoying and we find ourselves snapping at others even when they’ve done nothing wrong. This may be a result of mental and emotional exhaustion, and identifying the key warning signs may help you decide if you need to stop, rest, and recharge.

Keep reading to find out if you’re suffering from a burnout!

1. You Are Easily Irritated
Everything can get on your nerves, the question is in how many seconds. Someone will get you off of your shoes just by stating something that steps on your nerves or by being disrespectful, your nerves are on the edge and you feel very, very irritated. Everyone feels this way, try to help yourself get back on your feet for your own good, and do things that are making you feel comfortable and safe.

2. Your Motivation Levels Are Dropping
You feel like you not able to get the work done. You have difficulty finding the motivation you need. You simply want to go to bed so you can get some sleep as well as hide away from either the realization that you do not feel anything or the overwhelming emotions you are trying to control.

3. You Are Experiencing Anxiety Attacks More Than Usual
If you’re having trouble sleeping and feeling more and more irritable and overwhelmed, then it’s no surprise that you may be experiencing anxiety attacks.

Don’t feel ashamed of being so stressed. Do something you enjoy alone to help you stay calm.

4. You Have Trouble Sleeping
Insomnia is a terrible way that emotional and mental depletion may manifest. You’re extremely tired and you just want to sleep, but you cannot, since you cannot shut your thoughts down. As you begin to drift off, your thoughts may intrude as well as knock you back into wakefulness, thus preventing you from getting restorative sleep.

5. Meaningless Things Upset You
Smallest conversations can upset you, even if you feel them as the person is not happy or doesn’t pay you enough attention at the moment. You can break down and start taking things very emotionally because of your increased sensitivity. Take some time and try to reconstruct your world. Try to talk to yourself and set the bars up higher and promise yourself that you won’t get hurt that easily. You’ll boost yourself a bit.

6. You Feel Dizzy And Nauseous
Feelings of dizziness, head-aches, nervously beating of the heart and feeling like you are sick and can’t make it through the day are still signs from depression and anxiety, and the source of it is stress. Stress is a part of every single one of us and when we get a mental breakdown we feel nauseous and sick as manifestation. Prevent this while you can. You are the best when you need to help yourself, and if you don’t help yourself, no one will.

7. You Feel Like Crying For No Reason
In case you are at the point where breaking a glass is just enough to bring you to a bout of anger, it may have a negative impact on your emotional and mental health. If you are mentally or emotionally drained, your ability to control your emotions like usual is actually shaved down to pretty much nothing. That’s why even the smallest thing may make you cry.

8. You Start To Feel Detached
As you curl yourself more into your need to repair and get on your feet, you’ll also start to feel detached from the world around you. Your friends are not willing to call you anymore, because you cut them off by saying “no” to every single invitation. The source of detachment can also be feeling detached from yourself and you end up as comfortably numb. You don’t feel bad or good, in fact, now you feel like you don’t feel anything. Stop and relax. Take your time off, meditate, go on vacation if you can, visit a good place by yourself, just try to do some slight changes into your life at this point. It’s crucial for you to be better.

Researched and written for Tin tức nước Hàn ~ September 29 2018

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