Murder, they wrote…

“Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Dr. Willis?”

In 1986, because so many children were being killed and crippled by vaccines, the United States government granted vaccine makers the right to kill and cripple your children without punishment.

Prior to 1986, you could sue a vaccine maker if the vaccine killed or crippled your child. So many children were being killed and crippled by vaccines, that the law suits could have bankrupted every pharmaceutical company on the planet.

Instead of banning vaccines based on the lack of credible science backing their use, and based on the fact that children were being killed or crippled en masse by vaccination………the US government decided to give vaccine makers a legal license to openly kill and cripple your children.

Your first mistake of course was forgetting how to think. Your second mistake was not being smart enough to react to someone trying to hurt and kill your children…..because you’re fooled by the costumes the killers wear (white lab coat, scrubs, suit and tie, government employee, PhD graduate etc.). After you forgot how to think, everything else just fell into place…..within this very clever and well organized voluntary holocaust.

The people hunting you and your children won’t go away until you wake up and get off your knees. It’s now or never folks, they’re killing and crippling you and your children in broad day light now.

Everything evolves, even evil and darkness. Time to wake up and shine the light.

Jason Christoff, Facebook

A Shot in the Dark, Chesterfield Motion Pictures, 1935

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