VACCINATION: Proved Useless and Dangerous

PROOF: Taking you where few have taken you before

The information is always there if you choose to look. Please do your research before vaccinating yourself or your children. Vaccination is a decision you could very likely live to regret.

Boost your immunity instead and keep yourself healthy the natural way. Work with your body, not against it. ~ Dr. E.

By clicking on the book cover image above, you will be taken to a page where you can download the entire book – not a retyped version, but a completely readable copy of each page in the book. This evidence goes back to 1844, but your local Drug Emporium (Walgreen’s, CVS, etc) invites you to “come on for your FREE Flu Shot TODAY!

Face it – what BIG Pharma is putting into vaccines today – is far worse than what was being used in 1889.

In addition, please care for your family by studying timeless research through our category, A Shot in the Dark and pass this on to all whom you love and care for. It can mean the difference between life, death or a life-long debilitating illness ~ Ed.