CANCER: Chapter I

Asclepius, the Greek God of medicine

To all the people whose lives have been sacrificed to the evil overlords of the chemotherapy industry, to the souls of all you who were murdered coldly by an industry that, I acknowledge, is driven only by the money system that was created by the exact forefathers of those very individuals who are now at the helm of the media, the schools, and their direct ancestors even wrote religions to fool your direct ancestors! I sadly acknowledge that the other team tells lies in the textbooks those scoundrels write. The people who study those textbooks the most are the people who want to be doctors.

Those who want to help people have hearts so pure that they strive through a quarter life of school just to help people, so they can’t understand that scoundrels would even exist who strive all life to hurt people, but they do! Those who become doctors have hearts that are so well meaning that the quarter-of-a-life of school-bound studies that it takes to even become a doctor are easily accomplished because their passion is to help, so those who become doctors cannot understand the passions of those who tricked doctors to believe in chemotherapy. ~ A.H.

Reading is fulfilling …
… the whole of what you know
… until it’s full of your wisdom.

Asclepius was a healer in Greek myth. He spied on snakes who were collecting healing herbs for each-other; and when you think about it, isn’t that just like giving people a book for free that contains a report of what I learned from downloaded torrents of books regarding discoveries so suppressed in our day that the most powerful people – who get their power from manipulating areas where we’re deficient and unguarded – suppress it with equal passions as the powerful love for you that fuels your cries for people to please pay attention to this book you found at the crest of your most clever and curious abilities for searching for the truth? It just might be! Perhaps sometimes I hide my books on the shelves that are silliest to those with our sense of humor, and maybe that’s where you found this.

Just like clever Asclepius whose staff pointed the way to where the most cutting edge herbs were, my book will let you know the ropes! When herbology was the science, it developed as much as a science can develop. The spectrum of human illness was healed when we realized how myths are fractal expressions of passion so indescribable, and so important that we had to encrypt it into lower fractal book-shaped arrays to catalyze between your eyes a perceived metaphysical casting of displays of color, tone, and archetypes, regarding emotions that resonate sympathetically between you, me, Zeus and Asclepius! It’s so cryptic that to understand it takes prerequisites that understand just enough of the harmony of the dichotomy of our thoughts that one of us will meet someone clever enough to get the jist of the joke, and they’ll dumb it down to how those who get the jist of their jokes can dumb it down into lesser fractal jokes that are funny because they led us to truths that are so obvious to those of us who aren’t snakes that even the strongest myth of the cleverest scientists still can’t explain it.

My cleverest abilities have combined conclusions from tidal waves of torrents of books regarding the most cutting edge research of our day. Are not our most acclaimed researchers accurately described as snakes? I’m saying that our most commanding of acclaim people everywhere ARE snakes. A mayor who wants to be called “Your Worship” is a snake. The teacher who made school horrible for you is a snake. The Doctor that seems to not even bother to try to answer your question is a snake. Anyone who administers chemotherapy on purpose is a snake. Those who administer chemotherapy and do it with blissful unawareness that it’s poison, and with honest care because they’ve been treasonously led to believe that it’s a cure … those Doctors are heroes. All retards are heroes.

Asclepius followed the snakes until he knew how to heal the spectrum of human illness using herbs. I followed the torrents of books that were posted in online torrent trackers by people of hearts so pure that they risked criminal charges from copyright holders so that a person with honest and passionate need may freely risk charges from the same copyright holders by downloading those torrents, which I downloaded, of books which I read about what’s suppressed with regards to cancer.

History is fractal, and historically the most suppressed anything was always stuff that people’s needs of caused problems that they could pay the leaders to support them through, thus supporting the privileged positions of the leaders. A good leader knows his top responsibility is to not cause the problems that will catalyze his followers to mobilize en masse in support of pissing contests between so-called “leaders.” I admit that I downloaded torrents of books regarding the most cutting edge research of our day until I could confidently write about how to heal darn near the whole goddamn spectrum of human illness. Just like Asclepius, a hero whom the snakes ended up killing because he divulged their secrets freely among humanity. . . . So know that I give you this information from a true place of true love.

After the death of Asclepius, his healing prowess became legend, and the Greek pantheon designed the constellation Ophiuchus in honor of Asclepius. Esoteric astrologers consider Ophiuchus to be the thirteenth zodiac sign in a slightly more specific zodiac system that yields more accurate predictions. Ophiuchus is the astrological sign for people whose birthdays are between November 30th to December 17th.

This book is the result of spying on snakes … but I’m not going to try to sell you snake oil … or even snake powder. When you think of alternative medicine, do you think of shifty-eyed drug-users who think that getting “high” is a cure for everything from gout to the common cold? It may surprise you that “alternative” medicine is not filled with drug addicts; in fact, this might also surprise you, but when you go to the friendly neighborhood pharmacy to fill out your friendly family doctor’s prescription for the specific medicine that you’re told to take, you are doing more drugs than a high percentage of alternative medicine users do in their entire lives!

(In future installments of this series), let me tell you my story, how I learned that “alternative” medicine is only the “alternative” because of a few greedy people; it’s also the story of how I learned that the universe of “alternatives” is a universe of cures!

But before my story, please enjoy this written selection on Burdock Salad.

Hey, maybe you believe the racist thoughts the white scientists taught accredited university students about Pocahontas, Geronimo, Sacajawea, and especially Tonto. Because if you weren’t plagued with racist thoughts, you’d know by now that burdock is a root that can be mixed in salads; it cures cancer!

Aboriginal science is more ancient thus higher developed than laughably obvious Caucasian technology. “Indians” chuckle with no cancer, while they make salads that are entire meals while we make “entire meals” without eating the salad. Ayahuasca shamans who are deeply set on personal quests to bring everyone together for a chuckle informed the Aboriginal herbal healers that we’re all candles; we’re all equally capable of lighting up the darkest ayahuasca realms by attracting those who are in sympathetic vibration with our passions by expressing our passions!

And those we attract will heal us!

Ego blinds you from making salads as the Indians did, from anything that grows that’s not got a nose and that didn’t cause too much grief to anyone yet. When your relationship with earth is as good as your communications among the different breeds of your species, then white man will eatBurdock Salad and have no cancer.

Burdock root can be used to cure cancer. And for that reason, I am for the reasons that you are for if you are also one who is not racist.

Burdock salad is better than Chemotherapy.

Seriously, would you rather get “chemo brain” from acids and poisons that also make you lose hair, lose sex drive,lose passion, lose immunity, lose muscles, lose weight, lose everything and everyone, and even lose loose bowel movements, emptying your body fully of everything; first food, then life. But as above, so below — food is life.

Burdock salad will give life to a cancer patient, Indians just know; they’ve passed on tales — grand-kids to grand-kids — of bad trips that are fractal mistakes of your chemo mistake.

ONLY RACISTS DO CHEMOTHERAPY, this is a fact, an axiom! You’ve been through that bad trip too much, please I beg you: stop being racist!

Truth resonates with all flames everywhere!
This book will crumble statues of rich men.
Some rich men, their statues will remain intact,
if to honor one with a statue is a sympathetic
vibe with the mess your racist arrogance
left the world in.

to be continued…

What you have just read, is the first chapter of a series which we will present written by Alan Holman, an amazing researcher (much of it from his personal experience). With his permission fully granted, we will be excerpting from his book, How To Treat The Spectrum Of Illness. Stand by as we present you the way to YOUR health. ~ Ed.