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Big PHARMA is not going to stand back and let anyone or anything interfere with their cash flow…

It is no secret my opinion of Big PHARMA. I have avoided every prescription I could for many years now as if they are so great then why the softly spoken warnings of all the side effects??? It is like when I was fighting against the introduction of Fluoride into the public water when I lived in TN. After submitting many pages of research against fluoride I finally bought a tube of Crest Toothpaste and took it to the last council meeting I went to. I pointed out the black box warning on the carton about the DANGERS of fluoride and to call Poison Control if need be.

My question to the Water District council was this: Do you plan to print the Local Poison Control number and a warning on every water bill you send out? If the toothpaste company didn’t feel the NEED to protect themselves from the LIABILITY of having fluoride in the toothpaste why would they put that Black Box warning on every box? I then handed the box of toothpaste around so each of them could see and read the WARNING. To the best of my knowledge they have not added fluoride to their water yet. Perhaps this is something that should be brought up to ALL Water suppliers.

Plain and simple – Big PHARMA is not going to stand back and let anyone or anything interfere with their cash flow – regardless of who it is or how the *interference* pops up. Suicide by gun with no gun found probably means it was a slow moving bullet and the gun was dropped a mile or so back. Sort of like all those other deaths.

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Learn to utilize alternative health methods like I have. Also learn to do muscle testing to see if you need all those vitamins as well. Do not just accept what the doctor prescribes as most of them have no clue outside of the things medical school teaches them. I have taught several how natural items can do great things and not have the side effects of Big PHARMA chemicals. It is the $$$$ that keep the lies of Big PHARMA in operation… and the laziness of people to take responsibility for their own health. I agree that there are time that some Big PHARMA pills may be needed but limit that to the very minimum and do the research to find a natural alternative.

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