CANCER: Chapter II ~ “Which one of you has cancer?

My story begins on a t-shirt weather summer day.

After my dad’s second chemo treatment, while he was in the hospital – first in palliative care, then in intensive care – where he had several close calls with death’s door – I hadn’t even visited him in his first few days of being in the hospital. I was scared. I didn’t want to believe that he was as much of a flight-risk as he was, as much at risk of joining the angels as he was; I didn’t want to believe it. As long as I didn’t see him, I didn’t have to acknowledge that his health was in as bad of condition as it was.

The hot summer day when this story begins is the day when I decided to visit him in the hospital, after a few full days of him being in the hospital without a visit from me.

I visited because things were looking very down for him, and – if it were going to end — I wanted that ending to be about me and him as friends, not the me and him who bickered a lot, so when I visited him, we just talked about interesting things, and told each-other stories, for a while. It was really good. Then he said he wanted to rest, I left. But before I left, he told me to return the next day with some audios he wanted to listen to. The next day, I returned with the specific audios, only to learn that the portable DVD player he had with him did not play MP3s. So he was depressingly sick in the hospital, and he couldn’t even listen to the audios that he was interested in listening to.

After eight dramatic days of being in the hospital, the Doctors were trying to sell him on taking more chemo, but since dad was finally in a condition wherein he could exit the hospital, he fled, and decided to see what alternatives were out there.

The day after dad got out of the intensive care unit, I was really beginning my quest – and dad’s quest – into the realm of “alternative” medicine. It was about this time when I had acquired some info about a promising alleged cancer killing substance called Vitamin B17 (Laetrile), and I had transcribed a list of sources of B17 onto a piece of paper because the computer that I use does not have a printer. With that piece of paper grasped tightly in my hand, myself and my dad dashed to the car which dad glided forth into a late summer morning, beginning our epic quest into the realm of alternative medicine. The first leg on our journey was when we went on that quest to raid all the health food stores for any and all products that had some B17 in them.

The first few health food stores we went to resulted in some sliced almonds … and some pessimism was starting to set in because other than almonds, no one had any of the items that were mentioned on my list. We almost weren’t going to go to the last health food store that we went to on that day, but we did, and when we stepped through that door, and entered the store, I showed my list to the woman who managed the store, and she immediately recognized the list. She asked, “Which one of you has cancer?

That question added optimism. For one thing, it showed dad that the list I acquired was something that another person knew about.

Dad truly begun our journey when he answered her question; he said that he’s the one who has cancer. She asked where it is. He said his throat. She asked him if he ever has problems communicating how he feels, which I recognized as a brilliant question because of info my friend Joanne Yanke – a yoga teacher – had previously provided to me about the throat chakra.

Then the health food store woman said, “All these products have B17 in them.” We explained that we saw a documentary about B17, and I found the list on the internet. She then hooked us up with a bag of apricot kernels and an overpriced antioxidant supplement called Oxy-5000 Forte, by a company called American Biologics. She told dad that she had sixteen years of experience working at an alternative cancer treatment clinic down south, and she assured my dad that he’ll be fine if he takes four apricot kernels per meal, and two of these expensive Oxy-5000 Forte antioxidant pills per meal. So we bought them.

The next day, I was searching the web, and I came across an article on the internetabout a promising alternative treatment for cancer, written by health researcher Bill Sardi.

Under the headline was his name and his e-mail address. Since the article left out certain details, I wrote an emotional note to Sardi about dad, and I ended the note with, “If you had cancer, what EXACTLY would you take?” Sardi’s reply was written as if he was very annoyed at having been guilt-tripped – and in fact I continued the guilt trip for at least three more e-mails until he told me what he’d take. Sardi said, “15,000 IU vitamin D3, 100 mg resveratrol and same of quercetin, 4000mg of IP6 rice bran, 12000 mg of flaxseed oil, and sprinkle on some crushed garlic clove. Do that every other day.

We then found all those ingredients in the local health food stores.

What Sardi said to do “every other day,” dad did EVERY DAY for about four months, in addition to taking the aforementioned Oxy-5000/B17 regimen.

Within the first two months, dad’s arthritis completely cleared up, and it hasn’t returned. I pray my favorite author David Icke, who has arthritis, reads this book and sees that arthritis can be cured, and then takes informed actions to have his arthritis cured.

Soon afterwards we got a follow up CT scan, and the doctor at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre told dad that the two words that struck fear into his heart. The doctor said, “it’s growing.” I wasn’t in the room with him when he was given that information, but he told me that he felt really sad. He felt really defeated. He felt as if he would consider surrendering to more of their chemo, but dad was able to get a print out of the cat scan data, which was great because we had an earlier one to compare it to. He gave me those papers, and I spent hours using resource materials to decipher the text. And when I deciphered it, I was shocked. I double and triple and quadruple, etc, re-checked and re-checked it. In comparison to previous information, it made it obvious to me that all of the tumors in his body were shrinking EXCEPT the one in his throat, which was growing.

When the doctor said, “It’s growing,” he meant the one in dad’s throat. And he deceptively neglected to mention that the many other little tumors were shrinking.

Equipped with the information that the laetrile, the antioxidant pills, and the double-dose of Sardi’s suggested mixture, were effectively defeating tumors in some parts of dad’s body, we decided to continue as we were doing, while also researching and trying other options, in hopes that something would address the throat tumor.

I then saw a video on the internet about a promising cancer treatment called DCA. We ordered some from a company in England. They sent it to us in the mail. And my dad took it for the next four months, while ALSO doing all the other aforementioned stuff, and then when we got the next CT scan, the doctors told us that dad’s tumors were growing, but we requested the printout of the data from the CT scan. I used reference materials to decipher it, and it became obvious that some of dad’s tumors had vanished. That’s right, we defeated some tumors using “alternative” methods, and the rest were still shrinking EXCEPT the one in his throat, which was still growing … and actually getting quite scary.

Shortly after that, we acquired some baking soda from a health food store, and started a protocol that I found out about on the internet. The protocol was one teaspoon mixed in a cup of water, taken three cups a day for one week, then one teaspoon mixed in a cup of water, taken twice a day for the second week, then one teaspoon mixed in a cup of water, taken once a day for the third week. Then quit after the third week.

The first week is to quickly raise your pH to the right level. The second and third weeks are for maintenance. You have to quit after the third week. (The web-site which contained that tip did not say why you’re supposed to quit after the third week.)

During the three weeks while he was doing that baking soda protocol, it was the first time when dad reported that some of the pain in his throat was starting to go away. It became obvious that the tumor in my dad’s throat was finally starting to shrink, and by this time, I had researched a ton of different supplements, so I was asking dad to try a variety of different mixtures of supplements, oils, etc, to see how they’d help, and that’s when I collected a large percentage of the data that’s contained herein.

When baking soda was obviously starting to help with dad’s throat, we really started to realize the reality of the link between body pH and cancer, so we got into getting litmus paper, and we started taking seriously stuff we were hearing about 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

I learned that using oxygen therapy via small doses of H2O2 causes oxygen to be distributed into your body through the digestive system rather than through the lungs; it can have many benefits, especially for the digestive system which is connected with a whole spectrum of health issues. Each time you do oxygen therapy in the ways which will be explained in this book, flaws in your digestive system heal, causing healing of flaws in all areas of your body. The digestive system is in charge of getting nutrients throughout the body, and oxygen is a very important nutrient, and there is oxygen in the small doses of H2O2. That oxygen does not cause any bad types of free radicals, nor does it cause any bad types of oxidative damage; eight drops in a cup of water is such a perfect dilution that oxygen gets digested as if it were food, and that oxygen gets put where it’s needed, just like how the digestive system would get food to where it needs to go; and in going there, it allows good bacteria to fix damage that has been caused by acids.

That’s around the time when I discovered material by Dr. Leonard Coldwell on the internet, and he’s had huge success with therapies based on raising the pH of the body from acidic to alkaline. So it was obvious that switching to 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide would more directly address the pH issue than the baking soda, without the potential for aluminum toxicity which was a concern regarding the baking soda, so my dad switched to 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide … and to only do a teaspoon of baking soda on occasion … as well as a variety of supplementation regimens that I was experimenting with, and learning a lot about – but while he was using the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is when extremely dramatic improvements began to happen. The constant pain in dad’s throat mostly vanished. While the tumor in his throat was depleting, the lymph node on the side of his face began getting inflamed – and that’s something that we (continued) to deal with. (As we continue), I’ll given you the information I’ve found about dealing with lymph inflammation … and the only reason why dad’s lymph inflammation keeps fluctuating is because of lack of funds.

When it was obvious that the tumor in his throat had shrunk a lot, we had a very difficult time getting a follow up CT scan. When we finally got the scan in August, those bullies bullied dad into getting a tattoo — an actual tattoo — for positioning purposes regarding radiation therapy that dad has no intention of ever receiving. The bullies at the Saskatoon Cancer Center ganged up on dad and bullied him into getting that tattoo. They strongly implied that if he didn’t get the tattoo, then they wouldn’t show him the results of the cat scan – and of course, when they showed him the results, they lied that the cat scan was revealing a worse situation. But when I saw the print-up and deciphered it, we learned that — as of August — dad only had one little tumor fragment in his throat, and it was much smaller than before, and all the other tumors that had been all over the insides of his body had completely vanished.

At this time we’re working on chelating chemo chemicals from his body, because those chemicals can stay in the body for decades unless chelated, and they are on occasion causing dad to lose muscles and weight. Simply put: I give my focus to what matters until what needs to be dealt with has been dealt with. So I have not sacrificed who I am in order to comply with university curricula that doesn’t even try to address my questions or needs. “Bosses” are in no way my superior.

Denis Leary’s album is called NO CURE FOR CANCER, well cancer is tumors, and I helped dad to defeat a bunch of tumors! Sorry Mr. Leary, but we defeated tumors, not by using woo-woo or hocus-pocus or unscientific methods. I conducted an investigation into the cancer topic, using the same investigative methods that I learned from a video game called SHENMUE … umm, I love that game, and I wanted to mention it somewhere in a book that a lot of people are reading. And although that game taught me some methods, I also taught myself many investigation methods, and that’s how I investigated it, and I helped to defeat several tumors in dad by using MY method of investigation!

MY method of investigation was that when a book or web-site suggested a method of treatment that when we tested it, it yielded observable real-world positive results that I observed, which reflected their online claims, I then studied the sources that were cited by that book or web-site.

Dad’s participation in my investigation has made him as many human test subjects as he had tumors, test subjects for treatments for that many different “cancers.” And from my tests and studies, it is obvious that tumor causes — low pH and overgrown bacteria — are the same causes of two thirds of the entire spectrum of disease. The other cause of disease is toxic elements, so chemotherapy increases the illness to one which is caused by all causes of illness, therefore and thus, a person who learns how to bring a cancer patient who’s had chemotherapy back to health is a person who learns the skill-set required for bringing anyone back to health, because the fundamentals of cancer are the fundamentals of the spectrum of human illness.

In our next chapter, we will continue to familiarize you with the fundamentals of cancer, thus the fundamentals of the spectrum of human illness.

to be continued…

What you have just read, is a continuing series which we continue to present written by Alan Holman. With his permission fully granted, we continue to  excerpt from his book, How To Treat The Spectrum Of Illness. Stand by as we offer you the way to YOUR health. ~ Ed.

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