CANCER: Chapter III ~ Medical Doctor’s Don’t Know

Your diagnosis was a wake up call. Now you’re going to find out how the world really works, dear; because if you don’t, you’ll die.

Up till now you’ve looked up to, and trusted, authority figures, such as uniformed men and women, about and with everything; you’ve believed they care about you and you’ve trusted that they have your best interests at heart. The uniformed men and women were your protectors, your teachers, your priests, your doctors; they were your external authority so you didn’t have to take full responsibility for your own well-being.

Well now it’s time to wake up and grow up; it’s time to learn the truth about the decision makers in the medical industry.

The Rockefeller interests have developed the most far-reaching industrial empire ever conceived […]” ~ Morris A. Bealle – The Drug Story (1949)

The story begins in 1870; that’s when John D. Rockefeller Sr., and his brother William (the same William who, to the dismay of President Woodrow Wilson, set up the Federal Reserve in 1913), assembled a company called Standard Oil, which allied itself with railroads and bought all oil barrels, in order to undercut the prices of over two hundred and fifty competitors, ultimately destroying its competitors and thus becoming the foundation for a record breaking, record setting, financial empire.

Contact lenses, crayons, credit cards, deodorant, diapers, dice, dolls, elastics, golf balls, hair curlers, helmets, garden hoses, those trays that make ice cubes, shampoo, shaving cream, soap, sunglasses, all sorts of toys that babies and tots play with, running shoes, skis, tennis rackets, and tennis balls, tents, umbrellas, garbage bags, gasoline, that stuff that makes pharmaceutical pills solid, the frames of automobiles, car-batteries, fabric, cameras, candles, boats and other vehicles, balloons; it’s all made from oil and oil derivatives.

Tires, combs, CDs, and DVDs, boots, bottles, pillows, pipes, purses – all also are made from oil and oil derivatives. Toothpaste, parachutes – those two too are also made from oil and oil derivatives. Clothes, paint, the kind of film which is used for movies, mops, lipstick, life-jackets, pest repellant – we’re living in a matrix of products that make those who control oil – the Rockefeller family – very, very rich.

But for the sake of this book, let’s focus on the fact that the Rockefellers profit from the sale of the oil-based substances that hold pharmaceutical pills together in their pill shape.

Four percent of the affluent population are on the payroll, or otherwise in support of sustaining the fine details of the illusion that is the oil matrix. Among this network of four percent of the affluent are the decision makers in many areas of power.

For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. ~ David Rockefeller, Memoirs, pg. 405

In the early 20th century, Rockefeller gave generous donations and sponsorships for medical schools whose research was based on drugs that are manufactured with chemicals that are produced and sold by Rockefellers. Medical schools that refused to play along were refused funding, and since the students were more attracted to the richer schools, the herbal and nutritional and natural and otherwise “alternative” schools mostly vanished.

The Rockefeller run chemical companies – in particular I.G. Farben – which was the parent company of General Mills, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, and other “brand names” who produce food that, despite what the BIG-pharma-funded mainstream media says, is deficient of nutrition.

When you consume the brand name foods from big chain grocery stores, you are giving money to the Rockefellers, and you are giving yourself nutritional deficiencies that will cause your Doctor to prescribe drugs for you. And when you buy those drugs, you are giving money to the Rockefellers.

Since Rockefeller money runs the World Health Organization to set up similar policies and agencies worldwide, it’s important to note that in the USA, Rockefeller money runs the following so-called “Federal Agencies” in ways that result in making more money for the Rockefellers:

Administration on Aging, Administration for Children and Families, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research, Center for Devices And Radiological Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, Health Resources and Services Administration, Indian Health Service, National Cancer Institute, National Center for Complimentary And Alternative Medicine, National Center For Minority Health and Health Disparities, National Eye Institute … National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute … National Health Service Corps, National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institute on Aging, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, National Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Mental Health, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institute of Nursing Research, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, National Vaccine Program Office, National Women’s Health Information Center, President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

In simpler terms: Evil has taken over the Medical establishment, including some very influential Medical Doctors; for example, the people who decided that ego-made drugs should be a higher priority than God-made herbs in the medical establishment. Herbalism and nutrition were the main pillars of western medicine until the depression of the 1930s crippled the medical schools so badly that the Rockefeller Foundation was easily able to take over the medical schools.

When you’re crippled, snakes take advantage of you. The snakes in question – the Rockefellers – were big players in the chemical industry, so when they took over the western medicine industry, they destroyed entire libraries about herbalism and nutrition, so that they could re-engineer the medical industry to focus primarily on the use of drugs that are made using chemicals that Rockefeller’s factories produced.

Most Medical Doctors are reasonably good people, I think. I think most of them have no idea that the financial agenda of the Rockefeller Foundation, which funds and sets policy for the medical schools and the hospitals, has led to medical training that does not teach Medical Doctors how to cure cancer, despite the fact that cures exist.

Yes, “cures exist” is what I said.

Western medicine included cures for cancer when western medicine included herbalism.

This book isn’t anti-Medical Doctor. Medical Doctors are superheroes every time they diagnose a patient with anything, and they are superheroes whenever anyone needs emergency surgery. But regarding diseases, such as cancer, where big-money industries hold the reins of Medical policymaking, the snakes are in charge; for those with eyes to see, this is obvious as the snakes on the ambulance.

Medical Doctors spend years studying to learn which drugs are used to treat which conditions, but they’re not taught that the drugs they prescribe repurpose nutrients that are already in the bodies and cause diseases to manifest further along the line which are diseases of deficiency of the nutrient that was repurposed by the earlier drug, and the treatment for the new disease is a drug that’s made by the same company that caused the new disease.

Show me de monee!

Get it? I said it succinctly. The companies that sell the drugs gave you more reasons to buy from the companies that sell the drugs. Big Pharma sells products that make you dependent on other products of Big Pharma. If you say, “enough of it,” and you re-set your health, you can play the rest of the game without the distraction of bad health, a distraction that’s artificial, created by the side of evil. In fact, if you, your parents, teachers, and other people around you, hadn’t have fallen for all the traps that are laid all around you, you would have never gotten sick. It is the natural state of human bodies to maintain perfect health.

Medical Doctors spend years learning how to handle various technologies, but they’re not taught that those technologies are less effective than herbs, plants … and simply getting enough fruits and vegetables! For example, Dr. Krebs found that a chemical in apricot kernels called Laetrile does more against tumors than any chemotherapy; however, Dr. Krebs’ work was suppressed because the Rockefeller family was making a ton of money from selling chemotherapy systems to hospitals and medical schools. And David Rockefeller runs most of the world’s media through an alliance he created called The Trilateral Commission. And the Rockefeller foundation is the backbone of the World Health Organization, not to mention the funder of most medical schools. So you ain’t gonna read in a medical text book that Laetrile fights tumors better than chemotherapy as long as the Rockefellers are making money from selling chemotherapy devices. The only thing Doctors are taught about herbs is that some herbs have a psycho-neuroimmunological effect, which is to say that some herbs work because the patient believes they’ll work. The truth is that all herbs are natural substances which God put on earth for our use to heal each-other, and there are herbs for every illness which work better than all drugs.

The information I provide goes against the financial interests of the drugs, surgery, chemo, and radiation business, the mainstream cancer industry, an industry which — in the USA alone — is worth an estimated 1 trillion dollars. The information in this book is a gift intended to help allow for the health and well being of humanity. There will be a medical version of the Nuremberg Trials — but until then, enjoy books like this one.

Drugs, Surgery, Radiation, and Chemotherapy, only add obstacles; it’s easier to cure cancer if chemotherapy is completely avoided.

Drug side effects can sometimes be unspeakably cruel. A breast cancer drug called Tamoxifen causes uterine cancer. Pharmaceutical drugs are never preventatives because if they were then the manufacturers would lose business. Surgery is a massive shock to the system; it uses carcinogenic anesthesia and increases the risk of cancer in the scar tissue; it’s only good when the threat to life is immediate, like an obstruction in a vital organ.

Chemo uses toxic petrochemical drugs in the hope of killing the disease before killing the patient. Often, chemo victims will die of pneumonia, either as a side-effect of the chemo or because the hospital put the patient on a saline drip with such a low pH — such as 5.7 — that the central nervous system and/or the immune system shut down … those bastards did that to my brother Darren. The sick joke is that pneumonia is the body’s defense against tumors, pneumonia kills tumors, so since pneumonia also triggers further side effects of the chemo, side-effects such as loss of muscles and loss of weight, side effects which often lead to death, the doctors can do autopsies on patients who died during pneumonia and see that those patients don’t have any tumors, so they can write up a
statistic in favor of chemotherapy.

Pneumonia is a body-temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas that’s also the body-temperature that causes all tumors within that person’s body to disintegrate.

“At autopsy we would hear, ‘Isn’t that marvelous! The tumor is gone!’ Yes, it was, but so was the patient.” ~ Dr. Philip Binzel

The chemotherapy drug cisplatin usually depletes your magnesium levels so dangerously low that it can lead to cardiac and brain damage.

If the patient has already undergone any chemotherapy, please cease chemotherapy immediately, and seek out detoxification methods, while also using the cancer treatment methods that are described within this book. This book is merely a collection of “leads” for your cancer investigation. As such, we provide you a map of information. The quality of the information must be determined by your own research.

I’ve read books by a lot of accomplished healthcare providers who specialize in cancer, and one of the main themes that is consistent throughout is that no one ever cures another person’s cancer. Reading the books lets you know the tools that are available for treatment, and there are many tools.

All that the well-read individual can do is consult with the patient. You ask a lot of questions to determine which treatments aren’t applicable to the specific case, and which treatments can be suggested. But ultimately, the patient must decide which well-read individual or individuals to take seriously, which treatments to use, etc. Or maybe the patient starts their own journey through books. The problem with that is the time limit. I spent more than the past two years reading on the subject of cancer, and testing on family members.

One thing I can confidently say is that chemo adds A LOT of unnecessary which can cause a HELL of a lot of problems, one of which is bone cancer. Why do they treat bone cancer with a chemical that can cause bone cancer? Because of layers upon layers of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias which occur in the high pressure medical schools, where the pressure is so high that students make mental compromises where a cluster of info is accepted as a map of a subject when in fact there are many specifics deeper into the topic which would flip the whole paradigm, and the rush of medical school doesn’t give the students enough time to fully deconstruct what they’re taught, to reconstruct the parts that fit into what they know.

The person who is knowledgeable about cancer knows that the patient is the only person who can cause the cure to happen. The person who is knowledgeable in the topic of cancer can only give the patient hints and clues and nudges in the right direction, but the patient makes all the decisions. And that’s why the arrogance filled cancer business will never have a 100% consistent cure — because they train the doctors to believe that the doctors are the ones who are causing the curing to happen … and in the case of cancer, the patient is the only one who can make the cure work.

The air we breathe is 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.039% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. The lungs are like trees, their leaves — called alveoli – are bulbous, like Christmas ornaments. Inside these baloney Christmas ornaments, the air we breathe is processed for potential admittance via absorption for further processing. The alveoli absorb about 70% of the air we breathe, and process it so that SOME of that air gets transferred to the blood that circulates around the lungs. A blood cell contains literal globins containing bubbly sacks for nitrogen and oxygen; between all these globins of sacks is the heart and respiratory system of the cell, known as the mitochondria; it respirates by absorbing an electron from three percent of the nitrogen and oxygen atoms it also orchestrates the circulatory functions of, and heating of, and squeezing together of hemoglobins of oxygen and nitrogen filled sacks within the cell it’s within, thusly manufacturing nitric oxide which transmits message between cells, a process of transmission of information that your you has written on a nitric document carrying the oxide paper.

Treatments that increase levels of hydrogen peroxide in the blood can increase cellular communication thus relieve constrictions (stress), to enhance publication of nitric documents that have been written on oxide paper.

Oxygen is how God communicates! God creates the plant-cells which are coded with genetic programming, and human cells have genetic programming too! Every life form is made of biological materials, and biological materials are coded with genetic programming. Genetic programming is on DNA in both plants and animals, and since humans are now learning how to write genetic programming into the biological forms life takes, it’s within fractal axioms to believe that alien visitors with enough advanced technology to get here would also be higher advanced than us in their development of technology in the arena of genetic engineering.

So respectfully, and in respect and recognition of the fact that you’re only as effective as the depth of your myths, according to David Icke’s twenty years of honorable and honest effort that — after a very rough roughly twenty years of heroic determined field work in as a professional researcher — eventually led to the scientific recognition [among the resistance] of SerpenSapien (the tangented human subspecies that invading reptilian Annunaki genetic engineers implanted into humanity), it is written and verified that SerpenSapien is that masterpiece of invading reptilian genetic engineers that – in hybrid skin named Rockefeller — took over human mainstream medicine; it wants to kill you like and how it wrote baby Jesus and medical manuals with the same ink that writes crusades.

SerpenSapien duped most of us! Now those who’ve awaken will give you the information that will cure your cancer! With every cure is proof of the serpents (in a no room for fallacy “because I’m right about this, I’m right about that” way.) thus manifesting more and more of humanity’s freedom! Whoah there! What is genetic programming?

Genetic programming, as programmed by the typing fingers of God in heaven onto typewriter paper from a tree, is evidenced by the fact that cellular communication via oxide is what cells use for communication … it’s all a string of words, as are you – words that would not and could not be spoken or written if it weren’t for cellular communication via oxide!

Trees are a collection of methods of communication between God and man. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen we breathe. What has been written upon that oxygen is data directly from God. The oxygen’s part of the cellular respiration process that takes place within the mitochondria which is where a process that results in a spark of light that shines upon the oxygen that has written upon it a translation of the data that was stored on the radiated light that was catalyzed by the electron’s effect on the photon. Oxygen is the paper electrons write on, using nitrogen ink, via mitochondrial cellular respiration which is the process of the collection of electrons from oxygen in the hemoglobin, causing the release of nitric oxide, the function of cellular respiration which is the function of releasing nitric oxide so that the oxide part could be the paper upon which was written translations of data that sparky photons light stored from photons light that is a photon that resulted from the spark that happened when mitochondrial function attracted an electron with which the comingling of with the mitochondria was the catalyst for a spark that was an entrance of awareness from the quantum world into the body.

The quantum world is completely awareness, just one energy which is all awareness. The mitochondrial function rubs vibrations together, causing a dimensional stargate to the quantum world to open big enough for a spark of awareness to transmit a bit of awareness to the body. That awareness carries a bit of data that is transmitted from cell-to-cell.

Eventually, all your cells know what you – a spark of light from the big ball of light that is all of awareness – wanted this body to do, and the body is thus controlled. But fluoride and chlorine, both which are added to the municipal drinking water in many municipalities, interrupt the transmission of the full message. So only part of what your higher awareness ordered your body are processed into thoughts and actions and emotions properly at any given time unless your body is free of the toxins that interrupt the process of awareness powering the cells of the body to fuel the body to think and behave how awareness wants that specific body to think and behave.

Although awareness is energy and energy is all awareness, when it’s in your body its impulses are translated in the way which the body understands based on its previous experience in this illusion called time, which never leads to misinterpretations naturally; however, if fluoride or chlorine have interrupted these functions, the message might have been weakened by the time it reached your brain, so you might not be able to process the information properly – and that’s why fluoride and chlorine are precursors to senility. What matters is the mitochondria — where the electron’s effect on the photon catalyzed the photon’s effect on the electron – and what anti-matters is not to ignore that this effect of quanta affecting and being affected by awareness means that the data the radiated light that are the photons are the words of God who is Light, sparky radiated light that animates you whenever your cells respirate, and communicate photonic information via nitric oxide paper to other cells.

This process also produces nitrogen which is pooped into the bloodstream and stays nitrogen for a while unless a misleadingly named “antioxidant” gives it a spare electron, containing newer, updated communications from God, to the body, a process which transmutes that nitrogen back to oxygen so that it can lesson your need for taking another breath so soon, such as when you’re relaxed. Oxygen is abundant in the body when you’re relaxed – relaxation is when God’s most in control of the body. In the human body, there’s no such thing as “oxygen free radicals,” and what’s labeled oxidative damage is actually a the result of the inhibition of a process that occurs just after cellular respiration, the inhibition of the process by which nitrogen is supposed to combine with hydrogen, to form ammonia that the blood cells carry to the liver. When chlorine and fluoride inhibit that process, it results in a damage which has been wrongly labeled “oxidative damage.”

The pharmaceutical cartel invented the technical terms “oxygen free radicals” and “oxidative damage” so that they can fit them into their usually bullshit narratives about how a variety of problems are caused, problems for which they can prescribe and sell drugs that are useless against, problems which are actually caused by low pH and/or bacterial overgrowth, usually candida.

Well, if you’re still with us, we’re on your side, we’ve got your back, we’re cheering for you!

to be continued…

What you have just read, is part of a continuing series which we present written by Alan Holman. With his permission fully granted, we continue to excerpt from his book, How To Treat The Spectrum Of Illness. Stand by as we offer you the way to YOUR health. ~ Ed.

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