Insufficient digestive enzyme in humans is a requirement for supplementation with Papaya Enzyme. If insufficient digestive enzyme in humans goes untreated, a single-celled bacteria called candida is allowed to enter the intestines.

Candida burrows pockets into the walls of the intestines. Undigested and not fully digested food gets trapped in those pockets, and goes rancid, then candida eats it. A digestive enzyme in candida, called CYP1B1, metabolizes that food, and the candida grows into a multi-cellular fungal mucous which is a transmutation of the candida. Let’s call this multicellular transmuted result of digestion an overgrown candida; since it’s a result of candida digestion, it contains the candida digestive enzyme CYP1B1.

In 1997, Professor Dan Burke, and his team at Aberdeen University, published the first evidence that all tumors contain an enzyme called CYP1B1.

The overgrown candida floats through the blood system and the lymph system, collecting imperfect cells which the medical establishment says had been damaged by the oxygen variety of renegade electrons called “free radicals,” but were actually damaged by another process. This process of moving through the body while integrating more damaged cells into its form is called metastasis because it’d be stasis if it weren’t moving, but it’s metastasis because it’s not stasis. During metastasis, the multi-cellular overgrowth is the fungally mucousy adhesive which imperfect cells stick to as a localized cluster which metastasizes (floats) through the body and eventually gets stuck or lodged somewhere in the body and is referred to as a “tumor”. Since all tumors contain the overgrown candida,
and all overgrown candida contains CYP1B1 (pronounced sipone-bee-one), all tumors contain CYP1B1. The CYP1B1 in tumors remains a powerful enough digestive enzyme that it can still metabolize salvestrols. At Leicester University Professor Burke joined up with Professor Gerry Potter of the Cancer Drug Discovery Group, and they discovered a chemical that appears naturally in red fruits and green vegetables; this chemical is called Salvestrols; it is an antifungal that interacts directly with CYP1B1, causing tumors to disassemble.

The best natural sources of salvestrols are raw red fruits, raw green vegetables, and many raw herbs, but some reputable web-sites sell Salvestrols Supplements in capsule form

A healthy diet, of three meals of 90% fruits and vegetables contains 100 units of Salvestrols per day, whereas the Salvestrols supplement capsules which they sell at the aforementioned web-site contain 1000 units of salvestrols per capsule, and they recommend that a cancer patient takes six salvestrols capsules per day.

When a salvestrol comes into contact with a tumor, it is absorbed into the tumor, and it makes contact with the digestive enzyme called CYP1B1, triggering a metabolic process which converts the salvestrol into a smaller substance which releases the cluster of imperfect cells from the overgrown candida, thus shrinking the tumor. The imperfect cells make their way into the lymph system from where they are then expelled from the body. But you’ve still got overgrown candida to deal with; it can create more tumors if you don’t deal with it.

Salvestrols are severely depleted in modern food compared with the human diet even a century ago. The introduction of modern intensive farming methods means we now use disease control spray programmes on food crops which inhibit the natural production of Salvestrols. In addition, manufacturers of fruit juices are actively removing Salvestrols to improve the sweetness of their products. Salvestrols are a bitter tasting component that is only present in trace amounts in red fruits and green vegetables.


– raw red fruits

– raw green vegetables

– papaya enzyme (a substitute for human digestive enzyme)

– salvestrols

NOT papayas. The medicinal enzyme is only present in papayas that are picked at a certain part of the season. There is at least ten days between when a papaya is picked and when it reaches the grocery store shelf. You need the enzyme from the supplement pills that are available from health food stores.

The Rare Cancer Lie
There is no such thing as a rare form of cancer. Tumors are tumors. A tumor is called a different form of cancer based on where it is in the body, and based on how it’s spreading, but all tumors are made of the same stuff. For many reasons (although usually because of high fructose corn syrup), a pancreas can produce too little digestive enzyme sometimes.

At those times when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough digestive enzyme, a single-celled critter in the body called candida eats the undigested food, and not fully digested food, from the sides of the intestines. That critter dies while giving birth to (or pooping-out) a multi-cellular critter which is basically comprised of fungal mucous. This multi-cellular fungaly mucousy critter also has an enzyme in it called CYP1B1. This clumpy critter floats all throughout the blood system, throughout the lymph system, throughout the entire body, collecting cells that had been damaged by something that definitely wasn’t highly reactive electrons that had just left an oxygen atom. Eventually, this clump, of fungal mucous and enzyme, has collected a big enough cluster of damaged cells that it gets stuck at a random spot in the body. It’s given a different name based on where it got stuck, but it’s the same thing. EVERY tumor is made of the same material, every tumor is a clump of irregular cells that had been damaged by something other than oxygen radicals, mixed in a clump of fungal mucous with an enzyme called CYP1B1. And all tumors are white because of the fungal component. You may have heard of people with red or blue tumors – but you wipe stuff off of it, it’s white!

When you try to solve a mystery, you look for the axioms. Axioms, with regards to diseases, are details that are the same in ALL cases of that disease. Axioms are very valuable. The axioms regarding cancer are:

– The bodies of everyone who has a growing tumor has an acidic pH.

– Tumors always follow an overworked pancreas.

– Tumors cannot form in a body that does not have an overgrowth of candida, and likewise an existing tumor cannot continue to grow in a body where the candida is not overgrown.

Axioms are key clues in any mystery.

Avoid Chemo
Black Mamba Venom

There’s no such thing as “alternative medicine.” There’s medicine that works, and there’s medicine that doesn’t work. Often the medicines that are referred to as “alternatives” work, whereas often the medicines that are referred to as “medically proven” do not work.

The most important thing that people who have just been diagnosed with cancer should know is that they must, at all costs, avoid chemotherapy!

I know that the highly trained doctors want you to get chemotherapy, and I know that the media wants you to get chemotherapy. The doctors and the media work within a paradigm called “consensus reality.” That’s the reality that the lowest common denominator understand. But reality – REAL reality – works within a thing called a basal paradigm, AKA
the TRUTH, and it takes a lot more studying to understand the truth.

I know that doctors are highly trained, but MODERN science hasn’t yet explored all the things which thousands of years of humans on the planet have explored — and intense amounts of aliens in the universe over untold aeons and time-loops; they’ve all, and all are, exploring infinity — infinite potentials, infinite permutations and combinations of the full spectrum of every dimension of possibilities. There are things your Doctors don’t know. There are kernels of information in your mind that no one else has ever observed, on every topic you’ve encountered — and some of those kernels are ideas that would solve the greatest puzzles facing those who are regarded as the most accurate hardcore thinkers in the world that’s been established around you. If you ever speak from your perspective to a person who you think is so smart they’d never talk to you, the way you phrase things in your perspective, and the full message that is gotten across from body-language and psychic factors … I’m saying that the simplest expression from you would solve the greatest problems, the most difficult puzzles, currently faced by those folks whom the world has arranged so people like you don’t often get to meet people like them, the celebrities, the scientists, the explorers. The word “explorer” is a label, you’re all exploring, we’re all explorers.

The word “scientist” is a label, and an unfair one at that. Every moment you observe, you are doing science. Everyone observes, the blind observe what those who can see can’t hear.

So much of history, so much of what’s been observed, hasn’t been recorded in materials that you’ve been able to see, and a lot of that is a result of crimes that have been perpetrated by the Snakes. If you read a book called Uriel’s Machine, you’ll realize those snakes imposed very real Orwellian “memory holes” in our knowledge of history. But long story short, my point is: human knowledge contains way more than what modern science has studied. And so many people who have a lot of knowledge know that you should avoid chemotherapy at all costs!

WARNING: Chemotherapy: More people die from chemotherapy than from tumors, or what they label cancer!

Chemotherapy destroys the immune system so that the pneumonia that would kill the tumors catalyzes muscular dystrophy and quick weightloss, so you die during the fever or pneumonia that your body triggered to take care of the tumor, and the death is either related to the fever or pneumonia, or tumor or cancer, but not the chemo-toxicity which was intentionally created by the Snakes. The medical establishment attributes the death — which was caued by the fast weightloos and musclular dystrophy that was caused by a process that was catalyzed by chemotherapy chemicals that can stay in your body to poentially trigger this death any time between the administering of the chemo, to decades from then, decades after you thought your cancer was cured, you succumb to death attributed to cancer, really caused by quick weight-loss and quick muscle loss catalyzed by the high fever you still have until the moment you die … a fever which was actually your immune system’s natural cancer killer … a fever which would have saved your life if you would have never used chemotherapy, but you’ve used chemotherapy — even decades ago — and that fever catalyzed a reaction with the chemo chemicals that caused the quick muscle loss and quick weight-loss which led to your death.

In addition to the damage to the immune system that was caused by the chemotherapy, the Palliative Care Unit in the hospital will put you on a saline drip with a pH of 5.7 – such a low pH will gradually destroy the immune system, and then the central nervous system; it’s all about freeing up beds for the next customers … because the so-called people who run the hospital system, who fund the foundations that, because of that money, can keep the heart of the medical system pumping and the arteries of the medical system flowing: THOSE SO-CALLED PEOPLE created the money system, used it to get into their positions to run the world, to be the enemies in decision making positions all throughout many systems in the world of the game. It’s just a game, a game in which “they” keep cheaper alternatives to chemotherapy out of the media and schools and religions “they” run, so that you have to play the game, a simple game which is to solve the puzzle for yourself, the puzzle of why you got cancer, and how to cure it.

And, if you don’t take seriously anything else from this book, please — for the love of the side of good — realize that chemotherapy causes ONLY problems, and some of those problems make you require drugs that are manufactured by the same companies who manufactured the chemotherapies. Most tumors are in your body for more than a decade before they are detected, yet most cancer-related deaths are within the first two years after the tumor’s detection – those deaths are related to chemo. Avoid chemotherapy!

Chemotherapy and radiation are only beneficial against tumors at three parts of the body … two parts of the body if you’re a woman … whereas there are nutritional and psychological techniques which are beneficial against 100% of tumors if you’ve avoided chemotherapy.

If you have taken chemotherapy, seek out detoxification methods. I’d like to suggest a product called POLY-MVA.

I’d also like to suggest the whole body cleanses from MyBePure

I’d also like to suggest chelation for heavy metal toxicity. Chelation is the name of a process which can resolve your body’s chemotoxicity issue, if you’ve had chemotherapy. Some progressive clinics offer intravenous chelation processes using a drug called EDTA. You may also be able to find oral chelation tablets that use that drug called EDTA.

There’s also chelation via cilantro and chlorella, look it up! Or you can learn a way to chelate with other herbs, maybe even Colloidal Silver … perhaps. Long story short, chelation is the name of a process that can remove heavy metals from your body.

Now, they’ll say that the chemo drugs don’t have heavy metals in them; however, the side-effects of some chemo drugs are the same as the side effects of lead toxicity, and the side effects of other chemo drugs are the same as the side effects of mercury toxicity.

If the side effects are the same, the molecules are similar, and methods that chelate mercury from the body may also remove mercury-like chemo chemicals, whereas methods that chelate lead from the body may also remove lead-like chemo chemicals.

It’s interesting that there are lead-like chemo chemicals, very interesting since lead poisoning was the obvious cause of tumors in some ancient Roman and Egyptian remains that archeologists dug up. Yes, there were small outbreaks throughout history, but cancer never became common until the Rockefeller-financed industrial revolution of the early twentieth century. Also, chemically engineered fertilizers depleted a lot of our soil of essential nutrients, meaning that now a lot of the vegetables that we buy at the big chain grocery stores are lacking those essential nutrients, such as selenium, and many more. And this means that people who eat way too much food still aren’t getting enough nutrients for good health.

But I don’t see why we’re making such a big deal about lead when, according to toxicology reports, the fluoride in your drinking water is more poisonous than lead. In fact, in 1989, Argonne National Laboratories confirmed that when fluoride, an acid, comes into contact with normal cells, those normal cells can sometimes, upon contact with fluoride, become cancer cells.

But back to my main point about chemo: The molecules in chemo drugs are basically heavy metals; they’re just not admitting it.

According to my sources, EDTA can detoxify the lead-like chemo chemicals from your body. If chlorella is taken with EDTA, then that combo will remove the lead-like chemo chemicals, and the mercury-like chemo chemicals.

A patient receives chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Eric Gaillard/Reuters

When an average open-minded individual gets diagnosed with cancer, they’re immediately rushed into agreeing to undergo chemotherapy. The chemo hurts them. While they’re at home, they search the internet, and they find books such as this one, and they preach that chemo is poison, whereas “alternative” treatments are better.

So the patient stops doing chemo, and starts doing alternative treatments, and those alternative treatments are successful in getting rid of all the tumors from that person’s body.

But at the start of their cancer battle, when the patient was rushed into undergoing chemotherapy, some of those chemicals that were used in the chemotherapy are still in the body, and can stay in the body for decades. So, even after alternative treatments have resolved all of the tumors, a latent chemo chemical — which has been laying dormant in the person’s body for up to decades — is suddenly activated, seemingly randomly, and it triggers a sudden decline in muscle mass, and fast weight-loss. Then the patient is sent to the hospital where they’re told, “it’s the cancer!” And the person dies in the hospital. … but it wasn’t the cancer. Cancer is just tumors which are just bumps. The bumps cause problems when they cause obstructions, but tumors never result in the fast muscle loss and fast weight loss; those are symptoms of chemotoxicity.

The best way to detoxify the chemotherapy chemicals from your body is to do methods which are known to cleanse the body of heavy metal toxins. Even if chemo seems to have resolved your cancer issue, you still need to clean chemo chemicals from your body. So go onto the internet, and search the word chelation; it is spelled c-h-e-l-a-t-i-o-n.

A good chelation method is cilantro and chlorella. Ask your health food store for cilantro and chlorella, or for a heavy metal cleanse. It should say on the bottle how to use it. The cilantro dislodges the heavy metals, then the chlorella attaches to them and brings them to the digestive system, so you pee them out!

Natural VS Modern, Cure VS Profit
The practitioners of modern treatments exist within a commercial paradigm in which the goal is profit; that goal is threatened by the idea of curing diseases. The American Medical Association (and similar unions worldwide) – was formed as an alliance of modern practitioners because the practitioners of original, natural cures, were having more success. The alliance worked, thus causing modern treatments to replace original cures as the “mainstream” and “government approved” methods.

When John D. Rockefeller started the whole “M.D.” (Medical Doctor) title, he set up the first medical schools to only teach the treatment of illness with drugs made out of chemicals that were already manufactured by Rockefeller’s chemical company. And that hasn’t really changed. Currently, the Rockefeller Foundation runs all the “mainstream” medical schools and all the “mainstream” hospitals. David Rockefeller formed The Trilateral Commission, a media alliance that regulates the content of the mainstream media, and so they censor information about cures and panaceas that would threaten the profits of their medical/pharmaceutical interests. The practitioners of natural medicine have always had more success than the practitioners of modern (allopathic) treatments.

Natural medicine has CURES for cancer. Modern medicine has a few lucky people.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell is famous – among researchers into natural and alternative healing methodologies — for saying that natural medicine has over three hundred cures for cancer. I urge you to look into Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s materials. I’ve found a lot of value in his material. I’ve heard him say that no one is cured by chemotherapy, people that take chemotherapy are cured in spite of it.

The cures I’ll suggest are not approved or endorsed by the modern medical industry because they are cheap and work, thus they threaten the profitability of the expensive chemo, radiation, drugs, and surgery, which don’t work. Surgery can remove a tumor, but usually the tumor will grow back within 1-to-5 years unless you fix the nutritional and emotional habits which caused it to appear in the first place.

Laughter raises the body’s pH. Tumors can’t grow in a body thats pH is 7.36, and tumors die in a body thats pH is 7.88. There are ways to safely raise your pH to that level, such as organic non-GMO green vegetables, and the Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol. You’ll want to go to a health food store and get 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Do not drink it straight. You’ll need to dilute a few drops into a cup of water. The method can be found in a book called THE ONE MINUTE CURE: THE SECRET TO HEALING VIRTUALLY ALL DISEASES by Madison Cavinaugh.

Look up that book; she has a protocol in there for how to use 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for how to cure cancer. I’ve actually heard three different protocols with regards to the Hydrogen Peroxide. When you hear the different protocols, you’ll know how far you can deviate. And yes, the protocols will be explained later in this book.

Constant honest laughing will get the job done. If you’re ticklish, get someone to tickle you.

The Floating Word
A person who is diagnosed with cancer is a person who has a tumor, and/or tumors, somewhere in their body. So basically, the word cancer means nothing. Tumors are the problem!

Cancer is a label, a floating word put on top of a set of diseases, all of which are just names for tumors at different parts of the body, and names labeling how the tumor is spreading. For example, a tumor can be labeled a “neoplasm of the whatnot,” and “neoplasm of the whatnot” is the name of a disease which is one of hundreds of diseases which just means you have a tumor somewhere. The word “neoplasm” just means “new growth.” And “of the” is usually followed by a Latin or Greek word for the part of the body where the tumor is. They give all these different words, and call it all sorts of diseases, when it’s just the same material. What are the symptoms of cancer? Tumors. A tumor is a symptom of an overworked pancreas in an acidic body with a candida overgrowth, and possible selenium deficiency.

Regarding Dr. Simoncini
Dr. Tullio Simoncini wrote a book called CANCER IS A FUNGUS. Cancer isn’t a fungus. Cancer is a label which means you have tumors. Tumors are PART fungus! They can be defeated with anti-fungals, such as baking soda, which is what Dr. Simoncini suggests. And, if you’re going to use baking soda, please read the book that Dr. Simoncini wrote, because that will explain to you the proper way of using baking soda.

If you don’t read the book, but you want to get started with using baking soda, make sure to get it from a health food store. Brand Name baking sodas may contain aluminum, and you don’t want aluminum. Aluminum can cause Alzheimer’s. If you use baking soda from the health food store, it should be one teaspoon mixed in a cup of water, taken three cups a day for one week, then one teaspoon mixed in a cup of water, taken twice a day for the second week, then one teaspoon mixed in a cup of water, taken once a day for the third week, then quit after the third week. The first week is to quickly raise your pH to the right level. The second and third weeks are for maintenance. You have to quit after the third week.

Tumors are a symptom of an overworked pancreas in an acidic body, with a candida overgrowth! Simoncini likes to inject baking soda to the area of the tumor; that method destroys tumors by fixing the pH in the area where the tumor is. But unless you alkalize the entire body, and relieve the burden on the pancreas, the cancer was never cured — tumors will form elsewhere in the body, within the body’s 18 month cell regeneration period! If you do the right things for eighteen months, your cancer will have fully been replaced with healthy cells.

Regarding Dr. Clark And Mr. Rife
Dr. Hulda Clark’s overall premise is that cancer is a fungus called an intestinal fluke. She’s wrong! Tumors are a mixture of fungal mucous and irregular cells and an enzyme called CYP1B1.

Clark describes the “intestinal fluke” as a critter, and she describes it as the cancer. Well, I think she’s calling the overgrown candida the intestinal fluke.

One of the treatments she suggests is called a “zapper.” She figured out that if certain frequencies of low voltage electrical pulses are zapped into your bloodstream, it can adversely effect tumors. Her book explained how to make a device which can do this. But what she didn’t know was that a man named Royal Raymond Rife discovered a similar thing with sound vibrations.

The Zapper, and the Rife Machine, do work to get rid of tumors. But someone who uses these methods will usually suffer a reoccurrence of tumors sometime between 1-to-5 years afterwards … unless that person adjusts certain nutritional and psychological habits within those 1-to-5 years … but probably within the 18 month cell replacement cycle.

Bad psychological habits require a spanking!

When I talk about psychological habits, I mean things that stress you out, like getting angry over things that just don’t matter. If you were on your deathbed, all the trivial arguments in your life just don’t matter, so why should they matter at the time when they’re occurring? Stress causes acidosis which causes the low pH which allows tumors to form and grow. So don’t let things stress you out. If you feel wronged, you could get stressed out if you don’t say anythinga bout it. Fighting for a good cause, and expressing yourself honestly, are appropriate things to learn to do more often; don’t be shy.

You’re you. Everyone else is equally themselves. You have just as much right to be who you are as anyone who might criticize you has right to be who they are, which is absolutely
full right.

The relief of stress can result in the relief of cancer. Some suggestions for cancer relieving activities include: Smelling flowers, talking to cats and dogs, watching insects, standing in a woodland stream, sitting on a rock beside a pond, while dipping your big toe in said pond while daydreaming. Taking actions to manifest the content of those daydreams. Writing and reading poetry.

Attitude is everything. People who deal with their physical problems confidently and cheerfully heal faster than others because good moods activate the nervous system to open up the cells to accept more oxygen and nutrients.

The Sources Of All Disease
All diseases can be traced to nutritional deficiencies, toxins, electromagnetic chaos, and emotional stress. Nutritional deficiencies make you susceptible to viruses and bacteria.
Nutritional deficiencies cause the body to become acidic. An acidic body leads to degenerative diseases, and triggers genetic predispositions. If you’re genetically predisposed to get a tumor, you’ll never get it if your body never becomes acidic.

Researchers at pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to research anything that can’t be patented. You can only patent synthetics, so natural cures aren’t researched at pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies buy the media and lobby politicians. So it may come as a surprise to most mainstream media and government education saturated brains that the most dangerous toxin is non-prescription and prescription drugs. Think about it, tell your friends.

In our modern world, toxins are in the food, water, and air. Some examples are genetically modified food, fluoride in the water, and chemtrails in the air. What? – you thought GMO
food was good? You thought fluoride cleans teeth? You never heard the word “chemtrail”? Look these topics up. (Fluoride confuses the immune system and causes it to attack the body’s own tissues, and increases the tumor growth rate in cancer prone individuals.)

Electromagnetic chaos is caused by all the wireless devices and satellites, etc.

Relax! Don’t get stressed-out!
Seriously … relax. Some people believe that cancer is a physical manifestation of sleep debt. Think about that.

I’m going to go over a bunch of things that are known natural cures for cancer, but they only work if you get enough relaxation, because sleep is when the body “reboots”, and because stress and nutritional deficiencies tie up muscles and organs causing breathing problems, causing lack of oxygen. The lack of oxygen allows for the acidic environment in which tumors can form and grow … and the lack of oxygen causes a lack of energy. This is why tumors/cancers are reversed when you eliminate stress and nutritional deficiencies.

According to Dr. Coldwell, almost 90% of cancers and illnesses are caused by mental and emotional stress:

– living in constant worries, doubts, fears

– lack of self confidence, lack of self love, lack of hope for the future

– living in constant compromises against yourself

– hanging onto the wrong relationship, the wrong job, etc

So, relaxation is the most important key to curing cancer. A good way to relax is to contemplate the following metaphysical concept: “I chose to incarnate into this lifetime
for specific reasons. The hobbies I’ve enjoyed, the hobbies I enjoy, and the things that pleasantly surprise me, are all combining into the skills I need in order to fulfill the reasons for which I’ve chosen to incarnate into this lifetime. Abundance and health attract to me when my heart and mind feel in balance with my soul, and my heart and mind feel in balance with my soul when I’m performing even the tiniest actions which move me in the direction of my deepest goals, so I must always do things that are relevant to my deepest goals, and I must avoid distractions which don’t contribute to this feeling of progression.” Contemplate that concept very often.

to be continued…

What you have just read, is part of a continuing series which we present written by Alan Holman. With his permission fully granted, we continue to excerpt from his book, How To Treat The Spectrum Of Illness. Stand by as we offer you the way to YOUR health. ~ Ed.

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