Venable: What A Deadly Combination

Old Age, Bad Health, And Government Insurance

NOTE: This seventeen year old column, has even greater meaning today, in 2019, as it did when it was first penned by the author. (Ed.)

Whatever caused a free society to think that government could answer to real human need? That is not and never has been its goal or its purpose, yet Americans in ever increasing numbers continue to look in that direction for answers to basic problems of being human. As long as the Social Security system continues to exist, there will be a shackle on the souls of Americans from the cradle to the grave – a shackle that spits in the face of human decency and laughs at real human need.

While politicians spew promises to that all-important sector of American voters, aging and disabled, the wool is pulled further and further down over the eyes of all ages. Charity is no longer understood for what it is supposed to be and duty is extracted through coercion instead of encouragement and free will. Need is not assessed in reality by government agencies – never has been. Applications for assistance are dealt with in the same way as lottery winnings might be passed out. No rhyme or reason exists in the machinery of government intervention in personal lives. Each time a new bill comes up on the floor of Congress, (to help older and disabled Americans), it is debated with all the compassion of a pack of wolves deciding which prey to go after for supper.

No, government is not a friend to the needy among us. The future of those who will become needy is largely in the hands of the voting bloc that is now dependent on government, so what are we, who are not quite there yet, supposed to do to inject some sanity into such an impossibly insane system? Those much younger have been conditioned by a lifetime of government brainwashing to accept eventual dependency as a good thing, and those who will never need it are continually coerced into feeding the destructive system. Meanwhile the courts are filled with bankrupt citizens fighting to survive in this immoral climate created by greed and ignorance. Defying all laws of economics, legislative bodies continue to add insult to injury while they nurture the idea of “social security.”

Suspect any politician who claims to “fight” for the rights of older Americans, just as you would steer clear of those who herald themselves as champions of “the children” – for they do not represent either group. They are merely riding the socialist train to the political winners’ station and will embark on unrelated journeys to their own success. Listen and heed the scant handful of concerned representatives who preach individual independence, and unencumbered family cohesiveness. True “social security” is found in the soul of humanity that embraces respect and charity for real need. It cannot be mandated – nor should it – and it cannot be replaced by a system that will sit in judgment of disbursing the hijacked funds of hard working citizens without any regard to personal need. The disabled and infirm are forced to sacrifice their pride to beg for what is rightfully theirs, while many lazy and/or less deserving citizens are encouraged to accept a stipend they are unwilling to earn. It happens all too often in this horrendous system of Social Security. Yet, politicians are unwilling to place the demolition charges necessary to bring it down. It is the untouchable third rail of the political track and everyone knows it.

~ About the Author ~
With a rich background of experiences from having lived, worked and traveled all over the United States, Deborah Venable draws source material for her free-lance articles from a strong sense of family and a desire to leave her children and grandchildren their rightful heritage – an America with their freedoms preserved. She was a regular columnist forthe now defunct Ether Zone.

Written by Deborah Venable for, and published on, August 17, 2002. Embedded links (if any) may no longer be active. (Ed. 01.11.11)

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