Vaccine’s: The Ghosts of Joseph Mengele

BREAKING: Washington state House committee passes bill to ban personal, philosophical vaccine exemptions

I have mentioned in the past about reading a men’s magazine in 1957 while staying at a lodge in Wasilla, Alaska. In that magazine there was a horrible report about this devil named Mengele. I had a 3 week old baby at that time and the report made me sick to even know there were people who could and would do this kind of stuff. There are many web sites detailing the medical experiments that the Hitler regime approved of – I see a direct similarity to those with todays *LAWS* that force American citizens to accept the injections of POISONS into their children. These children are NOT THE PROPERTY OF THE GOVERNMENT even thought they like to act as if they are.

I ask those who have a bit of COMMON SENSE to look at how many reports of the measles have surfaced and to compare those numbers to the total number of children in this country (do it state by state) and then ask your self if this is an *epidemic* or a real emergency. When you are comparing the numbers also check to see how many of those reported to have gotten the measles have actually DIED. This whole measles *emergency* is just another pile of CONTROL over the people. We have an epidemic of insane politicians who are passing insane laws in order to hold greater control over the population and to provide *victims* for their medical experiments just as Hitler did for Mengele.

You can read some of the Mengele history to better understand. There are many other web sources on his demonic medical practices but this one can get you started. This is what is being created by these politicians who want to FORCE Big PHARMA poisons into our children and to the adults as well with their experimental FLU shots. Flu shots they admit may or may not work on whatever the current flu is. Their goal is to get as many people injected with their experiential poisons as they can and then they can track them for years.

If these politicians and PRO POISON advocates really wanted to protect the citizens from illnesses they would immediately ban the poisons that they spread over our farmland to infect the food supply. They would immediately ban the Chem Trail poisons they spray in the air. They would strictly limit the use the opioids that have been handed out like Halloween candy.

Most virus and bacterial illnesses can be prevented by following the pH balance way of eating and drinking. Instead of taking the anti-biotics that produce SUPER BUGS – the use of Colloidal Silver – which has no side effects unless you purposely mis-use it – is the best NATURAL anti-biotic you can find. I know this due to my own use of same things. Before I was informed of these things I was always sick with something and taking more prescriptions than I can now believe. I used to get some kind of pneumonia every year in the spring – a couple times ending up in the hospital. All those anti-biotics they gave me created allergic reactions which meant another kind of anti-biotic had to be found. When I learned about Colloidal Silver in the mid 1990’s I never took another Big Pharma anti-biotic and the Colloidal Silver cleared my need up FAST – with NO SIDE EFFECTS. ( I now make my own but you can buy it in health food stores). While in Texas I learned about the pH balance way of eating and drinking and immediately tried it out. (This was in 2007 or so as I recall). I bought a container of pH test strips and it only took about two weeks to adjust WHAT I ate and drank to level my pH out to the 6.5/7.0 reading. Along with that and since I have not had so much as a sniffle – not one illness of the bacterial or viral type. That tells me that it works and there is no need for all those pills to poison our bodies. STOP EATING AND DRINKING THAT GARBAGE as it is literally killing you. You want an Alkaline level and the viruses and bacteria cannot survive in that setting – it thrives in the ACIDIC levels of most Americans who love their JUNK FOOD AND DRINK. When you consume that Junk Food you are literally committing suicide by food and drink. Essential Oils are another great healthy source. I use Oil of Oregano for many things. Pick up a copy of *The Cure Is In The Cupboard* and learn how to use it.

If the media and the medical profession would educate their listeners/viewers/patients about the pH balance – Colloidal Silver – Essential Oils – in the same manner they write out those prescriptions we would have a lot of room at the ER and their offices. hmm maybe that is why they don’t educate their patients on what WORKS with no side effects… it would reduce the $$$$$ they now get.

It is all your decision as to what you do – except for those DECISIONS the government is now making for FORCED ACCEPTANCE OF POISONS (Modern day Dr. Mengele’s).

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