Death by MURDER!

The Purveyors Of Medical Addiction:

Coming to terms with the Fact that your Doctor is a Killer

So let us take a look at you… the hapless patient in a game of death…

Monsters have been created that will permanently ‘fix you’ but never cure you, (bit of Coldplay there…) we are of course speaking of the monsters created from your advanced payment for the death machine and its products, to be prescribed to you when you get a twitch or some little pain on or in your body. National Insurance is pre-paid population control.

First they broke the body and moved to ensure the immune system never again functioned at full capacity, then they hit the human with a psychological attack to ensure they forgot how it was before they met the blue birds and smurfs from the drug induced adventures. Then they launched the sweetie shops with many nurses and doctors who would prescribe all day and all night those little toxic pebbles they call medication.

Today if you are ill you have a choice to make, do you enter the killing fields of synthetic medication or do you look after yourself?

Dr Jennifer Daniels has a lot to say when it comes to the real spirit behind the eyes of those called doctors and nurses from the industry they call a health service.

She says:

Side effects to medication is your body screaming for you to cease taking the medication.

It takes 18 doctors to kill you by the accepted medical standards which operates to prevent two things, the practitioners recognising they are actually killing the patient and in its limiting of the ability for the patient to bring one man/woman in particular to law, again serving the former issue. They each follow the rules according to the book written by the medical mafia, insurance, the judiciary and government. If you remain within the commercial law, you lose and the medical operatives get off scot free.

The medical Bible is not about curing you, it ensures they get constant customers and are able to torture, maim and sacrifice humans in plain sight with your full consent.

The weapon that is the medical arena is not born of Capitalism, it is not a voluntary option, they demand you pay National Insurance which is tied to your income each week, ensuring you pre-pay for the medical machine, whether you need it or not. This way you are paying for others to be tortured, maimed and killed if you yourself are smart enough to keep off the magic pills. That is the mindset of the Commune.

As a percentage of risk to your life, you are looking at 40% of the population that will die due to medical interventions, therefore keeping out of the medical arena ups your chance of life by 40%.

If hospitals ceased killing folks they would lose 8% of their revenue which would cancel out the 5% profit. They have to keep killing you.

On my own turf here in Blighty (the UK) , specifically Lancashire and a little Borough called Hyndburn, is a fine example of eugenics in plain sight. In 1945, after two wars, the population of the area today called Hyndburn was 49000, today that figure is down to 28000 with over a third of the population being of foreign origin, either Muslim or European.

In essence they have removed by one method or another, 20000 white natives, but that figure is bigger still when you include the many Muslim inhabitants making up the figure of today at 28000. Is it a coincidence that such secret manipulations of the local populations came at the same time as they launched the National Health Service? Meet the OPT

In The U.S. the first pre-paid medical fee was called Blue Cross, in the U.K. it was through the National Insurance payment.

Those who cannot afford Health Insurance in the United States live around 8 years longer than those who have it.

When you go to the hospital, 1% will be killed, 25% will be harmed and the remaining g 74% will not benefit at all. The medical mafia gain 100%.

Those that live the longest are never fit freaks, vegetarians or vegans.

The medical deceivers claimed to have eradicated Malaria yet the symptoms for Dengue Fever are exactly the same illness as Malaria. They eradicate a disease by changing its name. They did the same with Polio.

A virus is not pathological and is not deadly, worms however, are dangerous.

Science shrouds the ancient practices of human sacrifice, cannibalism and human mutilation, a white coat shrouds the practitioner of all the old rituals.

Antibiotics destroy your immune system.

At least half of those diagnosed with cancer do not have a life threatening disease. To understand this you must read the Pathology report.

Bio-identical Hormones are found in all birth control medications.

Secondary market for human organs… means, if you have signed on to donate your organs you might get taken in by the emergency teams but if your blood and other criteria matches a waiting patient, could get you a dead ticket, then they take your organs and your family get the body.

A broken bone is not a medical emergency, if the bones are 2 inch apart the body will bridge the gap and fix the break. Comfrey the plant is excellent for knitting bones.

Dr. Jennifer Daniel’s says; that if you take part in any way, with the synthetic medical system, you are culpable for the death of your fellow man, she includes : paying into health care, including National Insurance pre-payment contributions, if you work at a hospital, if you promote vaccines, if you sell medical insurance, a newscaster reading the words of the drug companies, you teach the medical program itself or educate young children to obey and accept the intrusions by the medical system, you are all part of the killing. If each person took responsibility for their own lives and contemplated what they will and will not do for money, refusing to be a part of the killing would be a great move at individual level in dismantling the killing machine.

Written for and published by The Bridge