The Needle Murders

“This is a chronic disease epidemic…

I have six kids. I had eleven brothers and sisters. I had over fifty cousins. I didn’t know a single person with a peanut allergy. Why do my kids all have food #allergies? Because they were born after 1989. If you were born prior to 1989 your chance of having a chronic disease, according to HHS, is 12.8%. If you were born after 1989 your chance of having a chronic disease is 54%. What are they? They’re the neurodevelopmental diseases; ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, tics, tourette syndrome, ASD/autism. The autoimmune diseases; guillain barre, multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis. The anaphylactic diseases; food allergies, rhinitis, asthma, eczema.

All of these exploded in 1989. Congress order the EPA to do a study to find out what year the disease #epidemic started, and the EPA did that study. They said it started in 1989.

There’s lots of culprits, many new things. We have cell phones, PFOA, ultrasound, #glyphosate etc. Our kids are swimming around in a toxic soup. We’re not saying all of those illnesses came from vaccines. But there is no intervention that is so exquisitely and precisely timed as what happened when we went in 1989 and changed the #vaccine schedule, and raised the levels of aluminum and mercury – tripling and quadrupling them – and went from the three vaccines I had [as a child], to the 72 that my kids had, and the 75 that kids will have next year.” ~ Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Director of Children’s Health Defense