Heroes… Just doing their job

In my years of working with Dr. William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS – and there were 7 very good ones until his passing in 2005 – I was taught many things … among them – the following – and it has an amazing bearing on the shared story beyond the following image. ~ Ed.

Over the last half-century, the medical profession and the medical community have progressed to unprecedented heights and achievements in areas of reconstruction and surgical procedure. They have worked hard and deserve every bit of the respect and honor, which they receive. They have centered their energies and advancement on infectious and traumatic cases – all but conquering infections of many types. Surgical procedures and treatment of traumatic ills have advanced equally. In short – what the medical community has done – it has done well – unsurpassed in the history of mankind. ~ W.D. Kelley, DDS, MS

Next time you complain about how long you had to wait in emergency for your “sore stomach” or “swollen knee” and THEN decide to abuse staff with your impatience… the people you are selfishly yelling at could have just fought for endless minutes or even hours to SELFLESSLY try and save the life of a complete stranger. They may have put themselves in harms way and had to deal with sights most people can’t even stomach in the movies. They may have had to hold the hands of the mothers, brothers, husbands or even children of a patient while trying not to cry themselves. So next time you’re yelling at them for the “precious time you have wasted ” waiting when you could have gone to a G.P remember IF you are having to wait there is GOOD reason, there maybe people far worse off than you behind those doors.

Be grateful which side of the waiting room you’re on because it means you’re alive and not FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE.

Thank You Doctors & Nurses.

Written for and published by The Emergency Nurse ~ September 25, 2018