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Why has cancer exploded in the last twenty or so years? There are many reasons and include: the non-organic food we are eating; vaccinations; chemicals being sprayed in our atmosphere; and chemicals used in our food production.

The US if fifth in the world in cancer rates. How can this be? When you look at what goes into our food and you can see. Glyphosate is the leading cause of breast cancer and contributes to all other types also. We are among only a few countries that use RoundUp herbicide. Connection?

Organic food: to be certified ‘organic’ requires information such as the use of non-genetically modified organisms, GMO’s; prohibits the use of chemical based fertilizers and herbicides and prohibits the use of “biosludge” or the waste of humans, to be used on plants. Watch the movies: Biosludged and Biosludged 2.

Vaccinations: vaccines contain SV40 a known cancer causing chemical. They contain formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, dead animal cells, eggs, aborted fetal tissue and many, many other cancer causing chemicals. Why do new borns need a Hep B vaccine? Vaccines attack you body’s immune system making you vulnerable to disease. Every time you get a vaccine, including a flu shot, you are putting all this into your body. Research the aluminum/Alzheimer’s connection.

Chemicals in the atmosphere: have you ever stopped to wonder why, on rare clear days, you see NO jets flying? Yet, on other days, the sky is crowded with planes, each leaving either a very long tail or a tail that diminishes rapidly. Then, you watch as those trails spread out to form a high “cloud” cover that may last part of a day, all day or several days. These are “chemtrails”, part of the government Geoengineering project. Research: “Weather as a force multiplier-owning the weather by 2025”, a document put out by the US government.

Folks, the reason for all the cancer, and twenty years ago, children did NOT get cancer – is that there is more money in the cure than the prevention of cancer.