Top 7 sources of the fuel that feed cancer

For 75 years, the American sick-care system has convinced nearly all Americans that chemotherapy is the only way to even attempt to beat cancer. It’s all been one big horrible lie. First off, we all have cancer cells in our body right now. The only way doctors ever even notice cancer cells is after they’ve multiplied uncontrollably into the billions and attacked some weakened tissue. By then, it’s been occurring for quite some time, and the chemical “gasoline” for that evil “cancer machine” is being pumped into the body daily, probably hourly, with the same “repeat offender” carcinogenic chemicals, which are found in our food and medicine.

Americans feed cancer with processed food and chemical weapons
Cancer barely existed in the US just a century ago. Now days, there are millions of victims and most Americans are crippled at fighting cancer because they feed it the exact fuel it needs, all while they think they’re “fighting” it.

American consumers inadvertently arm cancer “terrorists” with food, fuel and chemical weapons. They give cancer cells pesticide-laden food to help it warp health cells. They give cancer cells chemical-laden medicine to help it destroy their own immune system. Americans give cancer more damaged cells to turn into cancer cells to use in battle that come from chemical “medicines” such as vaccines. Vaccines contain entire human genomes from aborted babies.. This is no conspiracy theory. This is real.

Fueling the creation of warped cells and cancer
There are 7 main sources of fuel for cancer cells that help them mutate, multiply, and attack weakened organs and rotting tissue in the human body.

Eric Gaillard/Reuters

#1. Chemotherapy – destroys fast-growing healthy cells, making your battle nearly impossible to win, with a 97 percent failure rate. Over 75 percent of medical doctors and oncologists will NOT take chemo themselves or recommend it to family members. While chemotherapy destroys healthy cells in your gastrointestinal tract and your bone marrow, it’s crippling your liver, kidneys, heart and lungs so they can’t do their job – and that’s called “medicine”? It is unbelievable that so many Americans fall for it. Just check the PharmaDeathClock for the statistics now. Nearly 20,000,000 (yes, that’s 20 million) deaths from chemotherapy in just the past 20 years.

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#2. Vaccines – For decades, the vaccine industry in general has gotten away with murder, literally. Shocking new investigations reveal the MMR vaccines were engineered on purpose to spread cancer, as they contain the total gene sequences (over 500) from a certain abortion that was modified in a lab to get this – “heighten the expression of cancer.”

#3. Processed dairy products – Some people just “gotta” have their milk and cheese. They’ll claim the compromise of inflammation and congestion is worth getting the nutrients, but is it really? No other animal on the planet drinks milk after infancy, and they don’t drink milk from other animals either. Think about that for a minute. Let it sink in. Another good reason to avoid all that pasteurized, homogenized “food stuff” is because it causes the body to produce mucus, especially in the intestinal tract.

#4. Sugar – Besides chemicals, cancer loves sugar. A study at the University of Melbourne, Australia discovered a strong correlation between sugary soft drinks and 11 different kinds of cancer, including pancreatic, liver, kidney, and colorectal.

#5. Processed meat – A meat-based lifestyle means you’re most likely eating growth hormones, antibiotics, pathogens and parasites, and in food that causes the body to create much more acid to break down, turning you “acidic” yourself. Even after all those enzymes go to battle for you to break down all that fat, muscle, and char, some goes undigested into the intestines and rots away (think polyps here). Cancer cells are smart and go after that diseased tissue. It’s just a matter of time.

#6. Radiation – Another popular fuel for cancer is called radiation. Most tumors reduce after initial treatment, but the radiation burns, scars and damages your organs, plus healthy tissue that will now be the target of new cancers. Chemotherapy and radiation, usually used in combination, are the ultimate warped cell generators of all. How ironic it’s the primary mainstream treatment for cancer victims.

#7. Artificial sweeteners – You think they would help you get thin and healthy, but lab-made fake sugar causes weight gain and cancer. If you’re consuming aspartame and sucralose daily, you are feeding cancer exactly what it wants to mutate, multiply uncontrollably, and take over your body. That’s the kind of cancer that no oncologists can bring you back from.

Written by S.D. Wells and published by Natural News ~ December 01, 2019

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