The Cause, Prevention, and Curing of Cancer

Since Otto Warburg discovered the cause of cancer in 1923, the disease has caused the death of millions of people all over the world. The United States usually has been the nation that leads in curing most diseases. However, in the case of cancer, and cancer research, about 90 percent of the money donated for research goes to the big drug companies for their patented drug research. If the treatment involves a non patented remedy, then the FDA, drug companies, and the medical establishment will not sanction or promote it in most cases. Mostly, if the cancer treatment is not profitable to the drug companies, FDA (through kickbacks), and the medical establishment, then it usually is cast by the wayside.

Such is the case for the newer CellSonic electrohydraulic therapy machine. The SellSonic therapy machine sends high energy pulses into the cancer area, which changes the polarity of the cancer cells and converts them back into normal body and organ cells. It is used in many countries, but not in the U.S. Foreign nations are now leading the way in research and treatments in curing cancer with their homeopathic, I.V., and electric pulse therapy. In the U.S., new cancer research and the alternative treatment system has been on vacation for the last 70 years. Mostly, the U. S. treatment consists of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and chemo drugs.

Otto Warburg

Recent research has brought about some very good changes in the cause and cure of cancer. Otto Warburg was the first man that showed us how the diet, an acid body, sugar, and carbohydrate consumption, with other contaminants, changed the chemical structure of the RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA (diribonucleic acid) inside the mitochondria of a body cell, which changed the polarity and started a cancer cell “hit.” That is the start of cancer.

What are the factors in the body which leads up to the cancer “hit?” I will try to explain Otto Warburg’s path to cancer, so you will be able to understand.

The beginning usually starts with a person’s diet. It involves the electrical structures of atoms. Ionic atoms are negative atoms, while cationic atoms are positive atoms. They make up the body cells, blood and organs. Our bodies need more negative (anionic) atoms (made from raw live fresh foods). These anionic atoms create the energy that our bodies use. The cationic atoms are positive charged atoms. They are made from foods that have very little or no electric charge. Cationic atoms are made from sugars, refined and processed carbohydrates, omega 6 (dead) oils which are on the grocery shelf, red meat. and other foods.

Both anionic and cationic charged atoms are needed to produce electric charges and the energy that is needed in our cells, blood and organs. However, we need more anionic body cells (raw, fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, melons, berries, squash, etc.) than cationic body cells When we eat more foods like sugar, omega six oils, etc. our bodies get acidic. Our body cells then get less electrical currents, decreased energy, and disease can creep in. These electric charges are measured by the pH, or acid/base balance.

When we eat a high electrical charged diet, our bodies stay more healthy, our immune system is healthier, plus our body cells get more oxygen, plus more energy. These are the conditions that lead to good body cell pH, high energy, high electrical body cell and immune system health.

Now we enter the cationic low electrical (pH) acetic, bad diet mentioned above. This diet creates bad bacteria, candida fungus, and other bad organisms in the gut, which produce many toxins and intestinal inflammation. These conditions also produces a lower electrical body cell metabolism. The lower electrical impulses in acetic body cells (from acetic cationic diet) can change the chemical makeup of the DNA and RNA (amino acids) in the atoms of an individual body cell, blood, or organ. This can cause a mutation in that particular cell, causing a cancer “hit.” This lowers the acidity of the body cells even more, which lowers the body cell oxygen while creating many toxins. The cancer cells start multiplying with fermentation (they do not use oxygen to multiply) of glucose which creates excess lactic acid, and lowers conductivity even more.

The cancer cells do not use oxygen to multiply. They use sugar, glucose, carbohydrates, red meat protein, other body cells, etc. They love an acidic body with a high sugar and carbohydrate diet. It also usually takes 36 months before cancer is detected in the body.

There are many important factors that change the way that new machines, alternative, and homeopathic methods will cure cancer. Cancer cells have a lower electrical charge (pH) to metastasize and mutate. Because of this low electrical charge, very important new findings are paving the way for electrical pulse machines to treat cancer. Cancer treatment in many other nations are now including ways to send these high voltage electrical pulses to increase the electrical charge in cancer cells. These pulses change the metabolism of cancer cells, causing them to change to normal cells, eliminating the cancer. One of these machines is the CellSonic electrohydraulic therapy machine.

Proof of the cancer cell electrical pulse theory exists in the fact that cancer cells will not survive if a person has an electrical alkaline pH of 7.4 or more. Raising the electrical cell pH would be the action of the high voltage pulse machine. The amazing thing is that these high voltage electrical pulse machines will change the polarity of many other disease cells. This paves the way for many diseases to be cured. Some of these diseases that can be cured are, avascular necrosis, spinal necrosis, muscular atrophy, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, enlarged prostate, non healing wounds, rheumatoid arthritis, wound healing, erectile dysfunction, liver cirrhosis and much more.

Several other successful alternative treatments are including foods and supplements that increase the red blood cell efficiency and body oxygen. Once a person understands what causes cancer, with poor diet, low cancer cell electrical impulses, plus the oxygen deprivation that the cancer cells produce, it is also possible to use diets and supplements to increase the oxygen, enzyme supplementation, change the body pH, eliminate the bad bacterial toxins, inflammation in the gut, plus eliminate several factors that allow cancer cells to multiply.

Cancer is now being cured in many nations. Many cancer clinics in foreign countries are doing these procedures to cure 75 to 85 percent of their cancer patients. The oncologists in the U.S., with their chemo, radiation, surgery, and chemo drugs are still struggling to get more than an average 55 percent cancer

In Joanna Budwig’s cancer clinic in Spain, they have a very high rate of success. They are using the CellSonic electrohydraulic therapy machine to help them cure malignancies. However, they also are using many other treatments needed to cure cancer.

This weekly letter will not have the space to name all of the steps needed to cure cancer. However, I will list six steps today, with many more to follow in next week’s bulletin. The list will include several methods used by foreign nation clinics, physicians, and their methods of curing cancer. Below are the first six very important steps in preventing and curing cancer. There will be many more to follow in next week’s letter

1. Dr. Budwig’s cottage cheese, flaxseed oil, quark, and crushed flaxseeds formula: In my recent preventive cancer bulletin, two weeks ago, I listed the directions. Check with your closet health food store to order quark. Many people use kifer, but that will not produce the same results. I would only use kifer if there was no available quark. Her clinic uses this formula every day for their cancer patients. I would suggest that for prevention of cancer, it may be wise to use it three to five times each week. This combination will help unravel sticky (homocysteine) blood, so red blood cells can carry more oxygen. Dr. Budwig said that most cancer patients have (sticky) blood. This formula is also very effective to unravel coagulated blood in high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetic patients.

2. Sugar: A cancer patient should stop all consumption of sugar, sugar containing foods, refined and processed flour products, and carbohydrates. Most carbohydrates change into glucose when digested. Cancer cells multiply by fermentation. They use no oxygen. They love sugar and glucose.

The pancreas also only has enough insulin to process about 4 ounces of sugar/glucose at one time. Most people have way over the average consumption of sugar/glucose, per person, per day of 22 teaspoons of sugar. This does not include the carbohydrate consumption.

For preventive of cancer, a person should limit themselves of all sugar, and refined and processed carbohydrate foods. You can substitute with xylitol, honey, fresh raw nuts, sourdough, and fermented foods.

3. Vegetable oils on the grocery shelves: All omega 6 oils on the grocery shelf except extra virgin olive oil, have no electric current, and are cationic, dead oils. These vegetable oils are a large part of the coagulation, sticky blood, and oxygen deprivation in many cancer and heart disease patients. This same combination of oils are the cause of heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, clots in the veins, and clotting problems in many diabetics.

It is essential that a cancer patient stay away from fried, deep fried, and other cooking oils. Also skip many other foods such as Crisco, margarine, mayonaise, and several salad dressings which contain these oils. Cancer patients need to avoid these oils altogether. It is also wise for preventive cancer people to eliminate or cut way down on these vegetable oils. Deep fried oils can cause an immediate spiking of the omega 6 to omega 3 ratios, which can initiate immediate clotting of the blood in heart disease patients. If a cooking oil is needed, coconut, palm oil, or butter is a much better choice.

4. Fresh raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, bulbs, and leaves: All cancer patients should either get 2-4 glasses of these raw fresh juices each day and/or eat 8 to 11 of these raw, fresh foods that are mentioned above. These foods carry vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids needed for every person, every day. They are an essential part of preventing and curing cancer. The Gerson clinic feeds their cancer patients many glassed of raw, fresh juices each day. They feel it is essential for curing cancer. Eight to eleven+ of these raw, fresh foods and raw fresh juices should be in the diets of all preventive cancer people.

5. Avoid all GMO foods: People who have cancer or who want to prevent cancer, should not eat any corn or soy products, unless they are organic. Always buy organic vegetables, fruits, and other fresh grown products. Stay away from roundup, crops sprayed with roundup, and other Monsanto products. Thirty nations in the world have banned GMO products all together.

Dr. Kelley’s Famous Coffee Enema: Dr. W.D. Kelley, DDS, MS; woodcarving cir. 1974

6. Coffee enemas: If you have cancer, coffee enemas are very essential, every day. Cancer cells produce an excessive amount of toxins and dead cells. The toxins cause many body cell deaths. The coffee enemas are not only needed to detoxify the stressed liver, but also to clean out a toxin residue that accumulates on the inside of the large intestine. Dr Nicolas Gonzalez, when the medical establishment questioned his use of coffee enemas on over 10,000 cancer patients, stated that Dr. William Kelley also mandated coffee enemas on over 10,000 cancer patients, with no ill effects. Dr. Gonzalez also recommended coffee enemas to PREVENT cancer, use coffee enemas once every 6 months or year. Both were very successful in curing cancer. Dr. Gonzalez also used coffee enemas to prevent cancer on himself with no ill effects.

There are many more critical and essential treatments people need to prevent and cure cancer. These treatments will be included in next week’s preventive cancer bulletin. In foreign nations, 75 to 85 percent of the cancer in cancer patients are being cured with the homeopathic and preventive cancer treatments. Also, in many foreign countries, many cancer treatment centers are using voltage pulse machines to help cure cancer.

These are 6 cancer critical and essential prevention and cure steps. Many more will be presented next week in my preventive cancer bulletin. If you desire, it may be good to print these steps, plus those next week, for your information or for your relatives, friends, and neighbor’s cancer information.

Until then, have a great week.

March 22, 2010

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