VACCINATION: Proved Useless & Dangerous

It is about the vaccine. Vaccines in general have been proven long ago to be…

1. Ineffective

2. Dangerous

I have pdf of a book written in the 19th century after a 45 year study of vaccines and the results of this two-centuries ago failed experiment in human biology.

Even the Supreme Court of the United States has acknowledged that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”…which is to say that they cannot be made safe. They are actually quite avoidable, and that is the safe thing to do…avoid them.

Under NO circumstances is accepting any COVID-19 “vaccine” a good idea. Add to the normal “unsafe” nature of vaccines in general a “chip” to indicate to a reader that you have had said vaccine and you open up an entire different can of worms, looking exactly like the “Mark of the Beast” of Revelation…especially when you are prohibited from conducting your normal day-to-day activities unless you have it.

Remember, those who have the money and make the decisions ALL hold to the Georgia Guidestones as their “bible”. They want most of us dead. Your health and well being is NOT what they are after.

You can download VACCINATION: Proved Useless & Dangerous HERE