Vaccines Are the Most Likely Source of New Strains of Virus

Another flu-like coronavirus, similar to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), has been released upon the world, and there are numerous theories about the source, nature and purpose of the virus. Supposedly, new strains of flu virus emerge from China almost every year. What’s odd is that vaccine manufacturers in the United States seem to know in advance which new strain of virus will emerge each year.

This time a new flu-like virus emerged from China in the middle of the flu season, and many of us refuse to believe it happened naturally. As a result, people are coming up with theories to explain the emergence of the virus. Some believe the virus escaped from a bio-weapons lab in China. That is possible but not likely, although it makes more sense than the official explanation, that the virus magically morphed from a nonlethal virus, that only infects bats, to a deadly respiratory virus that targets humans.

It’s doubtful that latest virus is an escaped doomsday bio-weapon, based on the mortality rate so far. It’s more likely to be a genetically altered strain of the coronavirus that causes the common cold.

Moreover, the common cold is caused by a highly contagious coronavirus that has been around throughout history, and it has never morphed into a killer virus on its own. As a matter of fact, before the emergence of the vaccine and bio-weapons industry, flu viruses didn’t morph into new strains every year either. New strains of flu didn’t pop up every year because viruses were not being cultivated and genetically manipulated in labs, and then spread through flu vaccines.

Furthermore, the theory of immunization is that infection with a mild, nonlethal virus (Cowpox) will bestow immunity to a more deadly virus from the same family (Smallpox). As the immunization theory contends, and the Cowpox vaccine proved, exposure to and recovery from a mild virus in a family of potentially lethal viruses will bestow immunity to all viruses in that family, including the more deadly ones.

In addition, some people believe the coronavirus was an experiment that got out of control. According to this theory, a genetically altered virus was deliberately released into a highly populated area, where it was supposed to be contained. However the virus escaped containment and spread faster than anyone anticipated, making it an experiment gone wrong. The same theory was used to explain the Zika outbreak.

According to the theory, mosquitoes were deliberately infected with Zika and released in South America to test the practicality of using mosquitoes to conduct biological warfare. However, the Zika experiment got out of control because infected mosquitoes reproduced by the millions and unexpectedly spread to the United States and Asia, taking the disease with them.

Those who believed that Zika was an experiment gone wrong cited operations “Big Buzz” and “Drop Kick” that were conducted by the U.S. Army to test the practicality of using mosquitoes to conduct biological warfare.

Another theory is that the virus that causes the common cold is being misrepresented (weaponized) to create fear and panic. Proponents of this theory postulate that the goal of the coronavirus scare is to create widespread fear and panic that will interrupt and stall the global economy and cause America’s economy to collapse before the next election. The idea is to blame President Trump for the collapse. In my opinion, this theory is highly plausible given the pervasive nature of Trump Derangement Syndrome and the extent that sufferers will go to in order to harm the President.

It’s my contention that TDS sufferers do not have any qualms about harming others to get at the President. So far, they spied on fellow citizens, lied before Congress, conducted phony investigations, lied to the people and ruined the lives of others to take the President down. They have proven that nothing is beneath them when it comes to taking the President down. That makes the scare theory the most plausible of all the theories so far.

There’s several other theories, but it’s difficult to determine exactly which theory is correct because the media and government institutions are dishonest and can’t be trusted to tell the truth. They are like the little boy who cried wolf too often. Even if they tell the truth, nobody believes them anymore because of their reputation for lying. As usual, all we the people can do is wait and see what happens. In the meantime, all vaccines should be tested for the coronovirus because vaccines are the most likely source of new strains of virus.

Written by Charles Wills for Canada Free Press ~ March 4, 2020