Doctor Gates, I presume?

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”Thomas Jefferson

But you don’t have a choice.” – and who is authorized to make choice for my life?We do have a choice- one may be not taking Mr.Gates as an authority to make decisions for our lives. ~ Irina DeVries

Why is his opinion so powerful? He has no medical or scientific background. His own father was a eugenicist… ~ Karissa Domin

Why is ANYONE actually listening to this guy? No med degree. Not a scientist. Just some super rich dude with connections who believes in depopulation. ~ SMH

Normalcies return when we turn you off. You’re truly underestimating how Americans will respond and react after months of being oppressed with draconian orders. ~ Jason Katz

Actually, we do have a choice. And this vaccine, they have tried unsuccessfully for years to develop. Bill knows this. The person vaccinated could be more contagious afterwards & could suffer from the virus more severely so it is all a gamble! Bill, do you really want to make a name for yourself? Then why don’t you use your money to help the people in China so they can earn a living without having to harvest & sell these animals? Let’s get to the real problem. ~ P. Ongahoo

Since 1960s coronaviruses are known to cause common colds and today they are dangerous only for elderly people and people with immunity destroyed by resin poisons injected with (mostly flu and HPV) vaccines. Learn how liquid resins (succinates and maleinates) used as preservatives in vaccines (called also “succinic buffer”) crosslink (solidify) in contact with lactic acid (known resin hardener) in tissues thus damaging brains and other organs and how to remove these harmful deposits from tissues. (SOURCE) ~ Borys Krupa

MORE… Gates says the world would need as many as 14 billion doses of a coronavirus vaccine to stop the virus

Vaccines for human and non-human animals are an unhealthy, toxic, fraudulent, scam.

Abolish the poisons being pedalled for profit by the pharmaceutical industries, CDC, pediatricians, veterinarians, Bill Gates, WHO, medical mafia and crooked politicians.

Human and non-human animals have an innate immune system that when functioning efficiently can help the body to heal wounds, and to recover from infections and disease(s).

Human’s can benefit immensely by making healthy, compassionate lifestyle choices and adopting a whole food, nutrient-dense, no oil, plant-based diet of organically grown foods, and vegan lifestyle. Also getting enough physical activity, especially outside to experience more sunlight exposure (vitamin D), and fresher, cleaner air. ~ Danny George