Sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction. Chloroquine was a weekly drug all of us in Southeast Asia were required to take, just in case we may possibly have been bitten by a bug carrying Malaria. To none of my knowledge this drug did not hurt any of us, other than getting the runs on a Monday, as we were all required to take the pill on Sundays. If the efficacy has not been proven to combat Corona Virus 19, that’s fine, but taking the drug cannot hurt either, so why did they put up such a stink if a Doctor would have prescribed the Chloroquine? ~ Phillip Meier

It’s obvious that the government, drug companies, and investors in big pharma would not make any $$$ off of a 50 year old and track record proven drug – BUT – let’s work on developing a new high dollar drug that no one would dare to question. There is no profit in treating people infected with this virus, using a proven 50 year old and inexpensively produced drug. There’s your answer in a nutshell.