The Body Acid/Base Balance and Why It is so Important

The following discusses the very important acid/base balance of the saliva, urine, body cells, and blood. When foods are eaten, the enzymes in the stomach are alkaline and change the electromagnetic foods to alkaline. The enzymes cannot change the non-electromagnetic foods, so an overload of non-electromagnetic foods will create an acid, or low pH of saliva, urine, body cells, and blood. These are all related to a disease state.

An example of cationic (acid) foods are sugars, sugar products, red meat, carbohydrates, refined and processed foods, omega 6 vegetable oils, and all oils sold on the grocery shelf, except extra virgin olive oil. These foods are non-electromagnetic.

If a person eats more non-electromagnetic (acidic) foods than electromagnetic foods, the toxins and pH balance will get out of whack. The person’s body will become usually more acetic (low pH) or sometimes more alkaline (high pH). Toxins, Inflammation, and radical cell damage, then can occur, causing diseases to invade and thrive in the body. The ideal pH readings for saliva and urine need to be 6.4. The body cells and blood pH is much higher and should be 7.4. A person cannot check the body cell and blood pH, but an optimum reding for salvia and urine will show that the body cells and blood pH to be optimum.

Checking your pH or acid/base balance is one of the most important daily measurements for diagnosing human health and illness. It is especially important if you have cancer. It is wise to check your saliva and urine pH readings every morning and night with hydrion litmus paper, before brushing your teeth may also be one of the wisest things you can do for your health. The reason is that knowing your pH (acid/base) balance is a check for diagnosing health problems before they occur. Most of the time, you can correct the majority of health problems with your diet. Dr. Carey Reams said that preventing and correcting these acetic/alkaline medical problems and pH balance with your diet can begin long before you need medication for the medical problems. With the test, you can check if what you consume is beneficial or harmful to the cells in your body.

Most Americans do not even know what pH readings are and what they measure in a person’s body. Your body is 70 percent water, two parts hydrogen, and one part oxygen. The pH measurement shows your body acid/alkaline balance. By using a test of body liquids (urine and saliva), you are finding the hydrogen ion potential or whether your body is acid, alkaline, or neutral. This is very important and involves your diet, health, and wellness.
pH is measured on a scale of 1 (very acidic) to 14 (very alkaline). The middle (optimum) pH range of urine and saliva is 6.2 to 6.8, 6.4 is ideal. This is where the body operates in a healthful, disease-free state. When the pH gets over-acidic, or alkaline, the red and white blood, cells, organs, and intestinal bacteria get out of balance creating disease states. The more acidic or alkaline (lower or higher than ideal urine and saliva pH range), the body gets, the more of an increase in body toxins, intestinal and cell inflammation plus leaky gut and free radical cell damage. When these extreme ranges are diagnosed, your diet usually is the cause.

Chronic inflammation, leaky gut, and free radical cell damage from a non, electromagnetic diet can result in diseases such as arthritis, Crohn’s disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, leucocytosis, candida infestation, cancer, and other diseases. Also, very important is that a low (acetic) pH will help change the good bacteria in your intestines to bad bacteria, candida fungus and possibly parasites. These create toxins and inflammation of the small intestine.

The majority of people in the U. S. eat a non, electromagnetic diet and are pH acidic. Why is this important? Because their body fluids (pH) are showing that the diet they are eating is not an electromagnetic anionic live food, raw vegetable, nut, grain, leaf, root, and omega 3 oil diet. The non-electromagnetic, mostly low pH foods they are eating are causing an acid, disease-producing state. This is why there is so much obesity, leaky gut, Crohn’s disease, leucocytosis, parasites, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, candida fungus, cancer, and many other diseases.

The pH of the saliva and urine indicates the balance of the fluids that you are excreting. If the pH shows low acid, usually more alkaline foods are needed to raise the pH to a healthy 6.2 to 6.8 pH range. Low acetic pH shows that your alkaline reserves are diminished, and need to be replenished. The healthy middle pH range, 6.2 to 6.8 (green pH paper) and in the optimum body pH range, shows that the person is eating a diet of high electromagnetic foods.

How to restore an unhealthy pH: If your body is acidic, there are several things you can eat to raise an unhealthy, acidic pH. One of the best food combinations that can help raise and/or maintain neutral pH is one that Dr. Joanna Budwig uses for her cancer treatment patients. It is cottage cheese, flaxseeds (crushed) plus flaxseed oil with added kefir. It can be eaten every day. or a minimum of four to seven times weekly. You can add a few berries, pineapple, or pieces of fruit for better taste. This combination helps neutralize the pH and the homocysteine (sticky clotting factor) in your blood, which can occur when pH is acidic. If the urine and saliva pH at night is acetic, the Budwig combination before bedtime is a great food to raise the pH during the night.

Also, fresh lemon juice could be used (in a small amount of water), night and morning. It will be a great asset t raise the body pH. It is not wise to mix the two foods. Ice cream and sweet desserts will always lower the pH and are not recommended before bedtime.

If your urine and saliva pH is acidic: calcium, barley powder capsules, vitamin D3, magnesium, potassium, turmeric, and L-arginine may help to raise it. Also helpful are raw green vegetable drinks, raw fresh lemon juice, cottage cheese, kefir, flaxseed oil and or ground chia, flaxseeds, and exercise.

Check your saliva and urine pH before brushing. If saliva pH is acidic, you can also use these supplements, turmeric, and L-arginine, ginkgo Biloba, and garlic capsules.

Being too alkaline can also be a factor in causing disease but not as critical as being acidic. If you find your pH is alkaline in the morning or evening, it is wise to bring the pH down to the neutral pH level. When your body is alkaline, you can drink more water, take ground psyllium husks, flaxseed, cucumber, fish or northern seed oils (in capsules) or other fiber that you get with fresh vegetables (8 – 11 different ones a day), also enzymes (wobenzym-N with every meal), 2000 mg. vitamin C a day, cottage cheese, apples, pears, grapes, and watermelons.

Raising the pH in the evening: It is wise not to eat any red meat, sugar or sugar products, ice cream, cereal, etc., after 5:00 p.m. Fermented foods, barley powder, and lemon juice are very good to raise the pH.

You can obtain pHydrion litmus paper strips online, in most health food stores, or at Daily Manufacturing. Daily Manufacturing was founded by a biochemist and also has some very good supplements. Their phone number is 1 800 782 7326 Buy the strips with a range of 5.5 to 8.0. For easy access, you should keep them on your bathroom counter next to your toilet. Check your saliva and urine when you arise in the morning, and before brushing your teeth at night.

40 to 50 percent of all Americans are chronically over-acidic. The only way to monitor your pH is with pHydrion litmus paper strips. I urge you to consider obtaining a pH (roll) system.

A person will find that an alkaline diet is one of the best ways to prevent inflammation, help prevent disease, radical body cell, and organ damage. It is also the secret to more energy, less fatigue, and in most cases, a longer life. When your diet becomes more neutral and optimum (pH of 6.2 to 6.8) routinely), the cell wall permeability increases. The O2, minerals, and nutrients can enter the cells effortlessly, and the CO2, wastes, and toxins get out easily. Oxygen will be in a healthy range, and the blood cells will be separated and carry a sufficient amount of oxygen. This may take some time as a person’s body may not reflect the change immediately after starting a more alkaline diet. If at first, you can’t seem to neutralize your pH, stay on the alkalizing diet and normally your metabolism will change.

Other things also help in the quest for electromagnetic cell health. Some of these DrMErle Loudonmineral. Some calcium tablets are much better than others. Coral calcium, calcium orotate, calcium lactate, and canned sardines and herring are all very good calciums. Tums and some other calcium are not assimilated as well by the body and are not as effective as others. Remember magnesium is needed to assimilate calcium in the body. It should be a daily requirement. percentages are known.

Dr. Reams, after testing hundreds of foods, has stated that almost all foods except lemons, calcium, potassium, and chlorine are cationic. It is in the stomach that anionic enzymes are added to balance the electromagnetic energy (pH).

Fresh lemon juice is a great benefit for the liver. It converts into an amazing amount of different enzymes and vitamins. It is very vital to maintain a healthy liver and gall bladder. Two to three tablespoons of pure fresh squeezed lemon juice in a small glass of water before going to bed, plus first thing in the morning will provide a boost in raising your enzymes, vitamins, and pH. Lemon juice stimulates the pancreas to produce alkalizing enzymes.

June 20, 2020

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