I am so tired of all the Covid-19 and related issues as I am sure most of you are as well.

I’ve posted out volumes of emails about how to PREVENT any Virus or Bacteria from living in your body but so many of you refuse to do the SIMPLE things to maintain good HEALTH and PREVENT virus or bacterial illnesses from surviving in your body. I speak from personal experience and on YEARS of being both a regular victim of the virus and bacterial illnesses – and – once I learned of the pH balance in 2008 or so – I have not suffered so much as a SNIFFLE!

That tells me that the Alkaline system is truly THE PREVENTATIVE for all those flu’s, pneumonia, bronchitis, and other virus/bacteria illnesses. My system was so acidic prior to learning about the pH balance that is is a wonder I had even one well say before changing my system to Alkaline. Do a search (Duck Duck Go) for Alkaline food and drinks – here is one of many sources.

Americans eat so much garbage food and drink so much sewage – processed, sugar filled – it is no wonder they get sick so often. My attitude is if you want to be sick all the time then keep eating your garbage and paying medical bills – it is YOUR LIFE. You are a prime candidate for this Covid-19 BS. It is like the tale of wearing a mask to prevent contamination from the droplets. All the things I have read or listened to – using these masks is like standing behind a cyclone fence or a chicken wire fence and expecting it to protect you from an onslaught of BB shots or shotgun pellets. I can’t believe that people are really so easy to lead around by the nose… but they are. As I asked a couple months ago when all the panic driven numbers are shouted out over and over about the CASES (what is a CASE anyway?)… are those they claim to be Covid deaths really such – supported by an autopsy – or are they really from another cause – old age – diabetes- obesity- etc.??? We have all read and heard of the falsifying numbers and I would also question the number of *cases* that they report as it has been reported that listing Covid is a sure supply of $$$$$$ to the reporting agency.

Rather than getting any injection of any vaccines (ALL VACCINES) change your pH to the ALKALINE LEVELS. Why on earth allow someone to inject more poisons into your body (do you REALLY KNOW all the *stuff* in those vaccines – aborted baby parts – mercury among the many BAD things).

Since I am a believer in each person making their own CHOICE in life – just as we all make our CHOICE in where to spend eternity – Heaven or The Lake of Fire – we can each choose to be responsible for our health by what we put into our mouths and swallow. Knowing that those choices can help or harm. Like I said in the opening – I spent decades dealing with bacterial and virus illnesses and when I learned of the pH balance I have not had one sick day since – that had been the last 12+ years. My health issues are all bone related – and they have no *medicines* to heal that problem.

With all the *news* of the Bill Gates vaccines embedded with a micro chip (check out the Gates vaccines in Africa deaths) and how Big PHARMA pushes vaccines loaded with contents I wouldn’t want in my home much less my body) I would hope that many of you would THINK – CHANGE what you put in your mouth and swallow – and not make your self a victim of this Covid BS.

This all fits right in to biblical prophesy – the Conductor is shouting out “ALL ABOARD” – will you be ON BOARD to be lifted to meet Jesus in the sky or will you be LEFT BEHIND?

I pray that this will open eyes and that at least some of you will change what you eat and drink and maintain a healthy life.

September 23, 2020

~ The Author ~
Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at