Cancer by Injection?

So even if you were never given a vaccine, you could still get the cancer virus because your mom got a polio shot? The evil has no bounds…

Nearly all science writing is done with all of the attention to clarity of an autistic narcoleptic at a Ouija board, so it is impossible to tell what any of it means. Of course this is done on purpose because one of the tricks of the Illuminutty is to allow their Marks (conman talk) to ASSUME what their blathering meant. Case in point:

“Cell cultures involve growing cells in a culture vessel. A primary cell culture consists of cells taken directly from living tissue and never subcultivated, and may contain multiple types of cells such as fibroblasts, epithelial, and endothelial cells. A cell strain is a cell culture that contains only one type of cell in which the cells are normal and have a finite capacity to replicate. Cell strains can be made by taking subcultures from an original, primary culture until only one type remains. One example of an immortalized cell line is the so-called HeLa cell line, started from cervical cancer cells taken in the 1950s from a woman named Henrietta Lacks. Cell lines are not used to produce vaccine virus.”

Word games?

I get it: cell LINES aren’t used to make vaccines, but if you put old Henrietta in a Cuisinart then…

“Researchers can grow human pathogens like viruses in cell strains to attenuate them – that is, to weaken them.” (Source)

“HeLa cells were easily infected by the poliovirus and therefore were perfect for vaccine testing and development. Since HeLa cells were easily grown and cultured in the laboratory, Salk was able to infect large amounts of HeLa cells and develop a vaccine that was viable for human use.”

Like you guys, I get tired about 3-4 am trying to deconstruct the military assaults, so I wasn’t really getting to the heart of whether your monkey kidney SV40 might not have had a kissing cousin in the HELA cells within the same culturing lineage or if just the Oral vaccine used one or the other vs. the shot vaccine used just one or the other. Or BOTH. And that’s my point. That even if you miss the deadline on ordering your special offer of monkey crap before midnight that they might throw in the Ginzu Knives of Henrietta to cut you to bits anyway. We have seen this shuck & jive before with MERCURY FREE vaccines. All that meant is that they didn’t put thimerosal in the final product. It is still used in the manufacturing leading up to the final product so there will always be traces of mercury but it wasn’t ADDED. But see? these are PROCESS ISSUES. Sorry to be so wordy but you guys are attentive to details.

I don’t think that anyone should watch it because it is extremely disturbing even to me but HELA cells remind me of SIL in Species 2. HELA literally has taken over entire laboratories. So, even if the PROCESS was segregated for monkey kidney and Henrietta’s cervix, at some point it really wouldn’t matter and you would Double Your Fun with as much cancer as you can possibly prey for. (Source)

“Buehring, a professor of virology in the School of Public Health, has a reason to be wary of HeLa. Both her PhD and postdoc careers were spent working at UC Berkeley’s Cell Culture Laboratory housed in the Naval Biosciences Laboratory in Oakland, a cell repository funded by the federal government that characterized and maintained cell lines for research scientists. She happened to be working there at a time when Dr. Walter Nelson-Rees, the co-director, was working hard to expose HeLa’s misdeeds. The vigorous cell’s crime? The contamination of other, less hardy cell lines.”

Nelson-Rees was not the first to suspect contamination by HeLa cells. In the 1960s, Dr. Stanley Gartler, a research geneticist, released the initial “HeLa bomb”. Gartler had discovered that the 18 different cell lines he had collected for his research all turned out to be genetically identical, with genes only present in people of African descent.

HeLa was a suspect, but many scientists refused to accept the implications of his discovery, and chose instead to ignore it. Ten years later, Nelson-Rees picked up where Gartler left off, and discovered several HeLa specific chromosomal markers that could be used to test the identity of cell lines.

“Since this repository had so many cell lines, [Nelson-Rees] was going through all of them and examining them for these markers,” recalls Buehring. “While he was there he came up with 40, which was more than one expected.”

NOTE: The above is a well researched quote left on the YouTube site of the video above. ~ Ed.