77 Mysterious Cancer Deaths

NOT Cancer Patients, but Cancer PHYSICIANS!

It was not headlined in the media, but 77 alternative and preventive cancer doctors MYSTERIOUSLY died between 2015 and 2019. Very few people read about this because it was not publicized or widely distributed. The photos of these doctors were shown in a few obscure newsletters, but not widely publicized in newspapers, magazines, or the media.

Most of these doctors were labeled as “Quacks” by the medical profession. However, the majority were getting better cancer cure results that the medical oncologists.

Two of these great doctors were Dr. Nicaloas Gonzalez and Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet. Both were pioneers in their treatment of treating autism, cancer, and other diseases.

Today’s BULLETIN will discuss the brilliant cancer physician, Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet.

Around the year 2,000, there were over 5,000 lawsuits claiming that a vaccination ingredient, nagalase, was causing autism in young vaccinated children. In the trial, the expert’s medical opinion (Dr. Zimmerman) was deliberately used OUT OF CONTEXT to help the Human and Health Services (HHS) in the case. These flawed findings were exactly what the Department of Justice used to win the landmark decision. It shut down any doubts that nagalase was the cause of autism.

Dr. Bradstreet was the first physician to discover that nagalase was involved in the development of autism. He discovered that nagalase shuts off the metabolism of Vitamin D, the very vitamin that helps develops the neural pathways in the brain. By giving them Vitamin D and another experimental medication, GcMAF, Dr. Bradstreet was successsfully treating autism and also many cancer patients. He had treated more than 11,000 autism and cancer patients, most of them with great success.

GcMAF occurs naturally in our bodies. The scientific definition is Globulin component, macrophage activating factor, or GcMAF. It is a vitamin D binding regulatory protein, which is present in the immune system. This naturally occurring protein is found in healthy individuals but is lacking in people with a weak immune system, children with a deficiency of vitamin D, or children with autism.

The following statement is very important. “GcMAF therapy has been shown to enhance the immune system function. It possibly can prevent and even reverse CANCER and AUTISM.” The FDA has not and evidently will not test this very important treatment protein.

GcMAF is very important for activating white blood cells (macrophages) that digest cancer cells, cellular debris, and other invading disease bacteria and cells when they are not identified as healthy body cells. When GcMAF is absent or weak, the ability for macrophages to work is negated or weakened considerably.

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin needed by pregnant women, infants, and even adults. The most important form is vitamin D3, recommended for all individuals. The uses for vitamin D3 are very important. Its essential use is in the development of the brain, brain function, and memory functions. It is essential for all developing young babies and children. Besides being essential in brain development, and to defend the immune system from chronic disease, it is very important in regulating the GcMAF function. Most physicians prescribe vitamin D3, therapy for pregnant women, and young babies. Vitamin D3, GcMAF, and vitamin C are all needed for the development of the central nervous system. The following neurobiological processes require all three, neuroprotection, neuroplasticity, and neurogenesis. Neurogenesis is the process of creating new brain cells.

Vitamin D deficiency disrupts the proper development of the brain and the immune system. This also affects the spinal cord. It is also the major link in the development of autism. Individuals with autism have been found to have disrupted macrophage defenses. Dr. Bradstreet discovered that when treating autistic children with GcMAF, it diminishes the autistic syndrome, and increased the macrophage activity.

Nagalase is an enzyme found with an increased risk for lupus, autism, spectrum disorders, infections such as HIV, Aids, and many types of cancer. Nagalase blocks the natural production of GcMAF, and the availability for macrophages to operate, which is needed for stopping cancer proliferation. Dr. Bradstreet discovered that children with nagalase in their blood had a greater chance of having autism and cancer. Nagalase would shut down the production of GcMAF. This would decrease the effectiveness of vitamin D and curtail any macrophages from destroying cancer cells. He found that by injecting GcMAF, it restored the GcMAF and the macrophages which gobbled up cancer cells. This not only helped the autism patients but also the cancer patients, as well. He should have been nominated for the Nobel prize, but a mysterious death curbed not only his treatment but his incredible discoveries.

In 2015, an untimely death shut down Dr. Bradstreet’s great work.

Here is the rest of the story.

In June 2015, the FDA raided Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet’s office. They took a truckload of his papers. They took all of is patient records, his results of treatment, his research on GcMAF, and his proof that GcMAF was proven to be very effective in the treatment and curing of autism and cancer. Dr. Bradstreet left town and had planned to stay at a hotel near a lake in North Carolina. He feared that he would be facing a long prison term for using a non-prescribed FDA treatment. He knew that GcMAF was not approved by the FDA.

That was when things got much worse. When the room at the hotel was not quite ready (or was it?) Dr. Bradstreet left the hotel for a short walk. However, the short walk turned out to be an eternity. Hours later, Dr. Bradstreet’s body was found floating in a nearby river, with a bullet in his chest. Many of his friends say he was not depressed or had any kind of suicidal behavior. Most of his friends stated that he was murdered for his great discovery of GcMAF as great autism and cancer treatment. Since 1990, 59 positive research papers have been written stating the benefits of GcMAF.

Yet the stories continue: Unintended Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 100 Dead

There are also many other stories about the 77 alternative cancer physicians who mysteriously died between 2015 and 2019. Not many people have read about this because the media has been very quiet. During that time, not one story has been written about any oncologist who had died mysteriously.

If you would like to learn more, please look up the website of Dr. Nickolas Gonzalez. He was only 64 when he died mysteriously after successfully treating over 10,000 cancer patients with a great success rate of over 85 to 90%, living over 5 years.

October 3, 2020

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