What are the Health Effects, Risks & Dangers of Bluetooth Radiation?

Is Bluetooth Radiation Really Dangerous?
While the ‘official’ word is that radiation from Bluetooth Headsets and other Bluetooth Devices is too low to be considered dangerous to humans, that thinking might be just a little flawed.

While it is true that the levels of radiation emitted by Bluetooth Headsets and Devices is below what the current regulatory agencies consider ‘safe’, there are many who question whether their ‘safe’ is really, well, safe.

According to various researchers and scientists who are not on the government or Telecommunications payroll, the recommended ‘safe’ levels of exposure to radiation are anything but.

While regulatory agencies continue to focus on the non-thermal aspect of radiation as proof it is not dangerous to the body, there is evidence showing otherwise. In layman’s terms, there is mounting evidence that it is not just the heating aspect of the microwave radiation that induces biological harm.

Even Wikipedia has allowed admittance of this controversy on their Radiation Page:

The question of harm to biological systems due to low-power ionizing and non-ionizing radiation is not settled. Controversy continues about possible non-heating effects of low-power non-ionizing radiation, such as non-heating microwave and radio wave exposure. – Wikipedia

Bluetooth radiation is emitted from all Bluetooth Headsets and Technologies and is a type of wireless radio wave frequency (RF) also known as microwave radiation.

Microwave frequencies have a short wavelength and a rapid rate of oscillation. This is what enables them to travel long distances carrying information without needing to be contained in a wire.

The short wavelength and rapid oscillation of microwave frequencies also make them adept at being able to penetrate living tissue down to a cellular level.

Microwave Radiation Exposure Dangers from Bluetooth
Any type of wireless technology emits microwave radiation. The effects of long term microwave radiation exposure upon the body have been observed in countless studies.

Long-term exposure to microwave radiation has been linked to:

* cancer

* leukemia

* brain tumors

* alzheimer’s

* autism


* miscarriages

* birth defects

* autoimmune illnesses

* multiple sclerosis

* hair loss

* suicide

Non-Thermal microwave radiation has been shown to affect biological changes within the body. These biological changes happen on a cellular level and their effects can be passed on to offspring via genetic damage (DNA, RNA).

Using a Bluetooth Headset exposes the brain, the ears and the eyes to a strong field of microwave radiation.

Bluetooth Headset use has been linked to:

* blindness

* deafness

* brain tumors

* neck pain/stiffness

* skin rashes

* headaches

Bluetooth Wireless Radiation vs Cell Phone Radiation
Bluetooth Technology uses the same microwave radiation to transmit data as cell phones do to receive and send calls. The only difference is the range. A cell phone antenna picks up signals from cell phone towers and satellites, while a Bluetooth headset/technology is receiving radiations from a few feet away.

Bluetooth Radiation Hazards and Safety Testing
Bluetooth radiation has been even less studied than cell phone radiation. The lack of any formal studies have enabled the ‘experts’ to claim that Bluetooth radiation is safe. This claim is based not on research proving Bluetooth radiation safe, but rather on the lack of any research proving it to be unsafe. This type of hollow safety claim is a technique often used to by companies who manufacture technologies for the retail market.

What the FDA Says About Bluetooth Technology Safety
The FDA has approved Bluetooth Technology for use by consumers without any regulations or premarket testing, which is exactly how cell phones were approved. However, it seems that as of 2006, the FDA felt a need to revisit its approval on cell phones in lieu of a recent study conducted by the Swedish National Institute for Working Life that showed cell phone users have a 240% greater risk of developing brain tumors on the same side of the head where they use their phone. Bluetooth headsets function in the same radiowave frequency as cell phones.

Bluetooth Technologies (wireless keyboards, wireless mouses, printers, etc.) emit the same microwave radiation as the headsets and pose similar health problems.

Written for and published by EMF Blues, October 20, 2020

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