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As time allows, we have been reviewing many previously posted columns and articles from the first generation Federal Observer, which closed it’s doors at the end of 2008, with in excess of 50,000 published articles – yet many could have been written today. Others were a forewarning of (as H.G. Wells once wrote) “Things to Come.” So today we return to the days of yesteryear, or is it, Back to the Future? C’mon Marty – tell me which it is – or will we even have a future?

1581 ~ Who Controls Anthrax Vaccine Bottler?

Published in the category, Conspiracy Chronicles on the first generation Federal Observer, January 28 2002.

NOTE: It is nearly nineteen years since the publication of the following article and we are entering a similar phase with the Covid-19 Vaccine. In addition – how many of the firms mentioned below have been merged into others, or simply disappeared? Does anything ever REALLY change? ~ Ed., October 11, 2020

“Follow the Yellow Brick road, follow the yellow brick road – because, because, because, because, because – you’ll find the Wizard if ever there was – a Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

It appears that Bioport, the sole manufacturer of anthrax vaccine in the U.S., has cleared the first of three hurdles toward resuming shipments of its vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced approval of Bioport’s revamped production facilities. Continue reading

1064 ~ AMA Declines to Call for Nationwide Smallpox Vaccinations

Published on the first generation Federal Observer, in the category, To Health With You!, December 5, 2001. …and all these years later – you really thought that things would change???

The American Medical Association on Tuesday refused to endorse smallpox vaccinations for all Americans, rejecting calls from doctors who say the disease could be used as a biological weapon.

Instead, the 538 delegates attending the AMA’s annual winter meeting in San Francisco voted overwhelmingly to continue studying the possible repercussions of such a mass inoculation. Continue reading


Artwork by Talia Goldenberg

After enduring years of painful headaches and injuries, Talia Goldenberg — a lively, uninhibited artist — was ready for surgery to help stabilize her flexible spine.

3:46 p.m. Feb. 10, 2014
Talia Goldenberg emerged from the fog of anesthesia. The 23-year-old wiggled her toes. She wagged her feet. Good signs for a patient coming out of spinal surgery. Continue reading

Keep the Faith

“Rejoice in the Lord, always. I will say it again: rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, give your concerns to God. And the peace of the Lord, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds. in Christ Jesus.” ~ Phil 4:4-7

I do believe that the queen and I are in the endgame now. She requires constant watching and care, and I rarely leave her side. I have been dealing with the short term emergencies and gathering the facts and resources together for next steps, as the situation calls out in its own good time. As anyone who has been involved in this sort of thing knows, it can drag on for much longer than one might expect — in the manner of the Fed’s serial asset bubbles achieved through top down stimulus.

There is a kind of a peacefulness amidst all this turmoil that at times seems almost beautiful. And, even when things get very bad, there are God’s tender mercies, if we can but keep our hearts and eyes open for them. Continue reading

Just gone to a better place…

There are many trials in this life that we must all face. With the passing of Joey Feek on March 4, 2015, the world lost a true angel. Rory and their daughter have had someone with them, who was truly a rare individual – an Angel here on Earth.

Behind the scenes of “When I’m Gone” recording. Rory wasn’t allowed to sing on this taping. He did NOT like that! It broke his heart, even then, at the thought of losing Joey. . . Little did they know, at the time of the recording, this would be a message from Joey that Rory would need over and over and over again.

It’s truly amazing to see how God works in everyone’s life, especially in Joey and Rory’s life. The fact that God presented this song for Joey and Rory to do, before she was diagnosed with cancer is unreal. It is heart wrenching to think that Joey is gone, and that we won’t get to hear her beautiful voice anymore, but God makes everything work for the better. Joey got her wish to see Christ. She is using her beautiful talents for the Lord in Heaven! I’m praying for Rory as this new transition will go smoothly and go accordingly to how God planned it. Both Joey and Rory are great examples to how we all should be living as children of God (individually), as spouses, and as parents.

Rebekah Whitcomb Continue reading

Pharma Exec for Maker of $150,000 Cancer Drug Tells Investors Its Pricing Is “Very Responsible”

Johnson_&_JohnsonA top official at pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson dismissed questions on a recent earnings call about the drug price reform debate in Washington, saying that the company is “responsible” in its pricing.

As part of the question and answer period during the company’s third quarter earnings call in October, one questioner asked Johnson & Johnson Chief Financial Officer Dominic Caruso where he sees the drug pricing reform debate in Washington going and if the company was planning a pledge, similar to one made by many firms in the 1990s, to not raise drug prices beyond the cost of inflation. Continue reading

Somers: ‘I never let cancer beat me’

somersShe has had some battles in her 68 years. And Suzanne Somers is not afraid to talk about them.

On Tuesday – the day after she delivered an impressive performance on Dancing With The Stars – the Three’s Company actress wrote an emotional post for People.

‘I never let cancer beat me,’ the survivor wrote in her weekly column. ‘Instead I used it to work for me as incentive to do all that I have had to do to achieve peak health again. So putting all those thoughts together got to me [on the show].’

She added, ‘The information I have passed on to millions of women in my books comes from a profound passion to bring the most cutting-edge alternative protocols to the forefront showing women and men that there is a new way to age. Continue reading

Sherry: A Hole in my Heart

Go figure. My doctors found a literal hole in my heart! I could have told them. I knew it was there. I could feel the gaping hole. All day, every day, everything that had any meaning fell through the hole, much like the hole that Alice in Wonderland fell through, only mine didn’t evolve into a magical land of make-believe.

No, my hole is a land of nothingness: A place where only tears and memories reside that make me miss him all the more. Every test the doctor’s wanted to perform that was painful, I’d ask for a few minutes to allow me to escape to my “happy place”. Philip was always my “happy place”, not just in this life, but always in our life together. Continue reading

Sherry: Life Lessons

I learned so many important life lessons from my Philip. The best lesson was learning to be me.

Philip loved me. He loved every thing about me and he taught me that I needed to love me as well. He encouraged me to speak my mind and to be me! My friends and even acquaintances that know me probably find it difficult to believe that there was a time that I didn’t speak my mind.

There was a time, when we were newly together, and after I left a miserable relationship that among other things, stifled my impulses and my thoughts, that I held my tongue and kept my feelings strangled within me. As I write this, it seems inconceivable that I allowed anyone to do that to me. Now it seems so foreign, so unlikely, so not me, but my Philip had much to do with that growth.

He loved my spunk, my funny side, which is another thing I didn’t know I had (of course, my family always thought I was funny, but I thought “they’re my family, of course, they find me humorous.” Now, I know that I’m occasionally funny in an entertaining way, not at all like my Philip’s humor. No, he was gifted in a way few of us are. Continue reading

Sherry: Sweet Memories of Times Gone Bye

I have so many wonderful “Philip Stories”. He was such a funny man. Not just funny, but witty and clever, and sharp as a tack. His comebacks were immediate and hilarious, always. He made me laugh out loud every single day of our lives together and that’s the truth.

In 1999, I was in a near-death car accident and after 32-days in the hospital and rehab I came home with two broken feet, three broken ribs, a lacerated liver, a broken nose and contusions everywhere. Philip became my caregiver.

He’d empty my bedpan. That was mortifying even after all our years together. Something a husband should never have to do, but he did it and because he knew how embarrassed I was he did so in good humor without it ever being a hardship or an issue.

It made me remember when we were first together. In those days, I would never use the bathroom before two in the morning when I was certain he was sound asleep. Heaven-forbid he’d hear something that would embarrass me. In those days, I embarrassed easily. When I think of my growth it makes me giggle. We women are so different then our male counterparts. Viva la difference! Continue reading

Sherry: September Song

As the Days Dwindle Down to a Precious Few…

There’s always another milestone. First there was Thanksgiving. I was fortunate to have so many friends who wanted to have me join their family celebration. But it wasn’t the same. There was laughter and merriment by all, but for me, it was just a thin veneer cloaking my broken and sad heart.

It made me remember all our Thanksgivings that came before. I remember the first in our new home: we had twelve guests for dinner and I was making stuffed Cornish hens so everyone could have white and dark meat and their own stuffing. However, my wonderful Aga Oven decided not to cooperate. It refused to hold its heat.

In a mad rush to save my dinner, Philip piled a tray upon his lap and rolled his wheelchair up and down the block with tiny, stuffed hens to three separate neighbors to cook them! He was quite an adorable spectacle: Hawaiian shirt, a wooden tray across his lap and piles of hens rolled down the street. He succeeded in getting them all in neighbor’s ovens when alas, our oven changed its mind and became toasty warm.

Back again the hens came on Philip’s lap and they finished cooking to a golden brown and succulent meat cooked to perfection. It was a harrowing hour or more before this chef could breathe a sigh of relief.

He never flustered; rarely lost his cool; smiled and joked through all of life’s most taunting escapades. Not even years later when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He took it in his stride. He always amazed me. Continue reading

Sherry: It’s All About Love

I think about him all the time. I see something or hear something or my mind will just drift and it’s a full-blown movie in my head. I still can’t believe he’s gone. His essence, his presence is so powerful that it saturated my world – and I dare say, that of so many others.

I have so many exquisite and hilarious memories of our life together: our joyous life together, but nowadays I have trouble separating my sad and anguished memories of his last days with the precious, wonderful memories of our past.

Philip made me smile every day we were together, even more than that: he made me laugh…not just any ole laugh, but a belly grabbing full-throated guffaw. His wit was unsurpassed; the quickness of his mind was awe-inspiring.

I remember the early days when I’d spend hours primping to be as perfect as I could be just to be undone moments after walking through his front door. We spent the first five years in a torrid, whirlwind of passion. We talked and touched and learned every little thing about one another.

We shared our dreams, our wishes, our regretful pasts, the mistakes we made along the way and the joy and good fortune of finding one another…and in all the most unlikely of places: a rehab hospital. (Not the addiction kind of rehab, but the kind that puts bodies back to form.) Continue reading

Sherry: As Time Goes On…

There is no pain like the loss of a loved one: the numbness, the tears, the anguish, the loneliness, the aloneness, the sadness, the anger.

In the beginning there were so many tears, gut-wrenching tears, an unfamiliar howl deep from within. Slowly the world came back into focus; busyness overtook the constant memories and softened the pain ever so lightly…but not really. It was a false sense of return to wellness.

For the first sixty days I ran from here to there from hither to yon moving but going nowhere. I lunched with friends, talked and found my laughter, but inside I had a huge gaping hole that was consuming me.

The crowd of friends that beckoned my door and rang the phone diminished to a handful of special caring friends. I know its not because they’ve forgotten me or my loss, but rather that their lives – their normal lives – moved forward. I understand, but I now know that I, too, have never fully been the friend I should have been to those who have lost their love. Continue reading