Big Pharma, Government, and The Media Are Blocking Coronavirus Treatments. Why?

A lot is riding on the psychological terror meme of an out-of-control “novel” killer virus that is supposedly killing millions, perhaps tens of millions across the globe. All day, every day the media pumps out constant Covid hysteria and have managed to totally terrorize a large segment of society. They’ve done such a good job that many believe every personal encounter with another human could be potentially lethal! Continue reading

The Unknown, Unseen, Severe Cause of Many Chronic Diseases, Arthritis, and Cancer

If a person were to research disease they would find that over 35 percent of Americans are infested with chronic debilitating candidiasis. Most of the time they do not feel it or feel any symptoms. They do not realize that candida albicans fungus infestation is the cause of more chronic diseases that any other parasite or cause of disease in the body. Continue reading

Dr. William D. Kelley: Developer of Non-Specific Metabolic Therapy

NOTE: The following was the basis for my evening broadcast, ‘The Edge ~ To Health With You‘ on September 2, 2020. Join me each Wednesday evening for another installment of ‘To Health With You.’~ Ed.

A dentist and orthodontist by training, Dr. William D. Kelley discusses the nutritional concepts and practices underlying non-specific metabolic therapy, how they emerged over years of treating patients and himself for disease, and the results he has achieved applying them.

Following this magazine’s interview with Dr. Harold W. Manner, we received innumerable letters and phone calls. Much of that correspondence was from readers who hadn’t known of the healthcare possibilities offered by nutrition therapy until they read about the Manner program in our pages, but a surprisingly large number of folks called to let us know that there are other revolutionary researchers who are “curing” degenerative diseases such as cancer. And the greater part of these “tips” suggested that MOTHER EARTH NEWS look into the metabolic therapy work of Dr. William Donald Kelley at his Winthrop, Washington clinic.
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Gates Suffers from CO2 and Viral Dementia

For a world crippled by the coronavirus, salvation hinges on a vaccine. True or false? You can divide the world between those who think it is true and those who feel it is false. A Grand Canyon lies between the two sides, but we know which side Gates and Fauci are on.

Officially there is no treatment for COVID-19, and that is why they can get away with saying salvation hinges on a vaccine. If there are treatments that work, which there are, there is no need for a vaccine. What kind of people would deny treatments that would help millions? Only monstrous personalities, terrorists of some kind. However, that is precisely what these health officials do – pretend no treatments exist. Continue reading

Colonoscopy’s Are Lethal and Do NOT Detect Cancer

Colonoscopys cause more deaths than they cure and cannot detect cancer

The procedure known as a colonoscopy, as a prophylactic for colon cancer is a multimillion dollar industry. Every year, over 14 million perfectly healthy individuals age 50 and up, submit themselves to this invasive procedure, hoping to detect Colorectal cancer. But is it really effective?

What you are about to read is something many of my colleagues in the medical industry will not admit to, or even know about. Continue reading

Kennedy Jr. warns parents about danger of using largely untested COVID vaccines on kids

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned against mandatory COVID-19 vaccination in a debate with Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, pointing out that ‘key parts of testing’ were ‘being skipped’

Environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned Americans on Thursday to be cautious about any new coronavirus vaccine, pointing out that key parts of testing are being skipped. Continue reading

Russian government recommended banning Wi-Fi and cell phones in primary schools

On July 17th, 2020, the Russian Ministry of Health published recommendations to schools to ban the use of Wi-Fi and cell phones in elementary schools. The Medical Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, prepared the recommendations together with the Russian Ministry of Health. Continue reading

Doctors lay out plan to ‘punish’ people who refuse coronavirus vaccine: ‘There is no alternative

Simply put, getting vaccinated is going to be our patriotic duty,’ and America should consider making it difficult for the unvaccinated to participate in society, three doctors wrote.

A coronavirus vaccine should be mandatory, and tax penalties, higher insurance premiums, and denial of many government and private services ought to be considered for those refusing the shot, two doctors and an attorney argued in USA Today (recently). Continue reading

Why Enzymes Should be on Your Daily Supplement List

Gastric Acid

Enzymes are the catalysts that help digest all foods in a person’s body. the enzymes systems digest not only the food that a person eats, but do many other important functions, including digesting protein particles and food debris in your circulatory system. They are also very important in controlling your weight, health, and longevity.

Enzymes are proteins that catalyze over 5,000 different foods, other particles, plus doing many other biochemical reactions. Most of them convert food and substances that break down into specific forms of energy used in body functions. Continue reading

Buying cigarettes from your hospital bed, c. 1950’s

As crazy and counter-productive as this seems, it is true that hospital patients could buy packs of cigarettes from their hospital beds. They could even smoke them in their hospital rooms! Before the surgeon general’s warning linking tobacco smoking to cancer, heart disease, and a host of other ailments, the medical field didn’t regard smoking as a threat to health. On the contrary, they noted that smoking helps to calm a stressed person and curbs appetites, so they considered cigarette smoking to be a good thing.

CDC Publishes Study Claiming Face Masks Do NOT Stop Virus Transmission

Over half of the states within the United States of America have now issued some sort of “mandatory mask order”. People are being forced to wear masks under the guise “we must do this to protect our neighbors and communities”. These actions are not only unconstitutional, but they are also unethical, and science does not back up their claim.

CNBC reported on July 20, 2020

“As of Monday, more than half of U.S. states have statewide mask mandates in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus.”

Mainstream media has pushed “to stop the spread of coronavirus everyone must wear a mask”. Mainstream media and politicians have been telling people “wear a mask to help stop the spread of COVID19” for months. It appears as if they have been pushing propaganda not backed up in scientific studies to a trusting public. Is their conspiracy theory true? Do these masks really stop the spread of coronavirus? Let’s take a look. Continue reading

8 Ways to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Stress causes a lot of problems if left unchecked and can have a severe detrimental impact on employee wellbeing, motivation and overall productivity. For that reason, reducing stress in the workplace is essential when it comes to remaining happy and efficient at work.

Stress left unchecked can have a severe impact on employee wellbeing

Knowing exactly how to mitigate work-related pressure, though, is easier said than done. That’s why in this article we’ll be running through eight methods you can use to reduce your stress levels as an employee, enabling you to continue to love your job without harming your mental health. Continue reading